Intro to Consult Recommendations Townes

 In the process of our efforts to eliminate problems effecting everyone on an extreme level and very realistic effects, we were invited to network with some members of the Townes Group (a 54 Nobel Laureate Group largely responsible for the Design / Preservation of the Worlds Water Systems), also known as the International Institute for Bengal and Himalayan Basins, headquartered in Berkeley, California.  Our Contribution: Radioactive Decontamination.

  Of that we have been successful Networking with the Federal Government in Instigating the Investigation of the Environmental Protection Agency and Other Protective Agencies; Results - Forced clean up of 700,000 Tons of Radioactivity - At your door.

  One of our points is to consider that ASM - Alternate Scientific Method - nonetheless it does relieve the worlds water systems of that Contamination - further you will see a List of Recommendations presented - the Answers lay in Solutions.  

  Many people feel helpless/victims to the corporations, the entities which gladly would sacrifice your Lives/Homes for a relative comfort and gratification - putting your abilities to work in Team efforts you learn that there are active solutions that accomplish great objectives.  You then become one of the people controlling the Globe for Improvement / Justice / Better Conditions.

  There are many tools, projects, proposals to assist in the actuation of these, some of the modules described are just a few.  


  The Accumulative Effect  has already set the fate of the West Coast regions / for Any way of Survival / Resumption of life we have to work Drastically / Seriously and Efficiently.

Consult Townes 

Recommendations for Reparative Global Hydrogramin Acceleration Control



  1. In order to counteract the Radioactive Contamination and its effects First you must understand it.  Second, is to be fully informed on the conditions.  Third, is to be informed of Remediations.


  2. Section I:

One of the factors to consider on the correction of these problems is that cessation and abatement of the causation limits (lessens) the amount of remediative effort in all situation.  The Concept of Hydrogramin is a manageable and sound concept /System.  Uniform operation of the system can be effective, however global control/treatment of the encompassing water system may present more beneficial Solutions, i.e. in a related concept:

    A)  A complete virtual model of water sources and movements– Formation, melt, and delivery of Snow Contribution in all sectors (its supplies, Its paths of delivery), tributaries, streams, underground channels, its mergings, distributions to agriculture and alternate uses, the evaporation rate, Paths flow / The Virtual Model should be in screen bass relief and 3-dimensional-laser projected form.

    B)  The rain contributions / Average rate of alternate precipitation / Travel by predictable wind current and other factors / affectations and similar paths of distribution / Flow / Merging / Tributaries / Streams / Rivers / Evaporation rates / Underground / Runoff.  The same is typical with Watershed Destinations, similar flow patterns / format / condensation / Its contribution and destinations in conjunction with flow patterns / Format / reclamation / Sources of human controlled aqueous contribution / Format of flow rates, Destination, Evaporation.  Treatment plants of all types / PUC’s / Human use / Destinations and their Exits / Directions of travel.  Estimated volume of stored water to include swimming pools, other facilities (may be inclusive through human controlled affected sources).  Holding bodies - Lakes, Reservoirs, Trombes, man-made facilities of.

Note: All sources should be qualified by volumes, evaporation rates, Ionization rates, pressure, miscellaneous, affectation such as Dams, Power plants and including Experimental / Average volumes / returns to the Sea / Virtual Model generated to show the cycle / the operation and function of the Cycle.  Concisely an accessible working model to instantly reference for overall formulation.

    C)  A similar virtual model should be generated with all Affectation, i.e. manufactured combinations of pollutants / toxins / contaminants / locations / average volumes / types / levels of contamination / meteorological / delivery factors (wind/water/all factors) by available charts / information / inclusive with Airports / Transportation / Train / Roadway / Average Pollutants from developed Areas / with scenarios to include possible affectation from mutations by contact.

Note:  Most of this information should be existent / available / and with assistance from volunteers / interns, collected, collated, and converted to a virtual model.

    D)  We are assembling a Research Team to accomplish precisely this concerning Radioactive Contamination (Rad.Contam.).  The results will of course be forwarded to you / your research teams.

    E)  The Model of Affectation to the Cycle of Water System should then be interfaced with the System of Affectation to it.

    F)  Contamination must qualify by location and type of pollutant source / delivery / all combined factors / counteractive measures should be designed and employed, I.e.: It is a well known fact that transportation generates Carbon Pollutants / it is also well known that certain Trees and Ferns readily absorb carbons, multiply, and produce Oxygen - the simple project / policy of Planting large amounts of Fern and applicable trees in the “catcher” areas before delivery of pollutants will greatly reduce the effects and delivery to the Hydrogramin Systems, thus simplifying the protective work, reducing the necessity of extreme efforts simultaneously relieving the ozone / atmosphere / biosphere / and organic life of these toxins and their effects / with the results readily publishable, correlated to pollution levels, disease rates, ozone depletion and causation giving due cause for limitation / modification and regulation of these toxins.

Note: In the same concept existing / developing systems should be used to counteract the world’s pollutions / existing Enviro. Arboritum and alike 501(c)3’s should be used in assisting the implementation of these programs.    In keeping with this concept not only should all contam’s be negated as far as affectation to the Hydrogramin and Environmental Circulatory Systems but “Project Breakdown” should be instituted.

    G)  As each caustic, toxic, dangerous, threatening affectation / mutation / poison / compound is manufactured or as by-product - so it may be reversed or broken down in its present form; In conjunction Hazardous Waste / Radioactive Waste should be decon’d, E.g., stockpiles in Norway, etc.

Note: In the efforts of Global Hydrogramin Control it is important to remember that limited or smaller scale actuation modified to Global Control / maintenance / recovery will become much more effective.  In that same concept it is important not to limit the efforts to one theatre or one dedicated type.  In reviewing and supporting the cessation and abatement of life threatening toxins, in more rapid and effective repair of the Hydrogramin and Environmental Systems, will be effective in that concisely.  To be concise the reduction of toxins equates the reduction of counteractive measures and repairs necessary to make.  Furthermore, it is necessary, rather intently efficient to utilize every network / avenue / means / methods possible.  In the reduction / abatement of the causation of irrefutable damage to the Environmental Bio and Water Cycle System in conjunction with all biological life: Anti-nuclear / Environmental / Legal / Statistical / Research / Governmental / Assisting / Intelligent / and additional entities must be utilized.  (E.g) in auditing our Global Collaborative Decon. Efforts, existing 501(c)3’s / informational / medical / crisis / dispensing / decontamination / legal / volunteer / research / development / supportive / governmental / Diplomatic / Coordinating and Other prepared, experienced, and paid entities will be used to Inform the masses of the Existence and Dangers / the Medical, Remediative, Preventative and Legal measures to stop the catastrophe / Legal entities assisted by Medical / Research / Agency / Statistics / News and Event Documentation will actuate Cease and Desist legal measures to stop the production of Contamination / Force existing Protective Agencies to Decon., Remediate, and support more stringent regulations and penalties against such events / Medical Emergency and Preparedness Entities will distribute remediation to protect people in the interim / Research will provide advanced or specialized Fetal Protection and Medical Remediation for special needs, and locations and methods for efficient decontamination / Verifiers will verify the decontamination / Entities will perform the methods according to information from Research Teams / Coordinators will facilitate the entire process / Legal, Research, Governmental, Agricultural, and Hydro-specialists will assist in Recovery efforts.  To expand Hydrogramin Process / Control, volunteers, interns, other avenues of assistance can be utilized for efficiency, economics, expedience.   We support the transition from dedicated Hydrogramic methods to Global Collaborative Directed Controlled Hydrogramin Systems.   We recommend the organization of the W4 (or equiv.), the World Water Wind and Waste Org. - A collective Networking in collaboration for the main directive of the observation, research, repair, maintenance and improvement of the Global Hydrogramin System encompassing the Earth / Forest / Air / Water systems / Waste systems / Manufacturing / and Other Variables Affecting the Global Water system to the end Result of Purification Maintenance.  We further Recommend that your Institute “act” as the central hub with joint committee from other Orgs/Agencies to fully encompass the factors effecting the system.  We further recommend that in obtaining an Int. 501(c)3 license will make available more access / Network / funding.


  There are Time limitations on the actuation of all reparative processes - much as a lake created to cycle every seven years (turn over) over loaded with toxins may no longer do so, killing fish, environmental and associated life it supports, losing its contributions as a link to the global Hydro-circulatory filtration supportive system; so the Ocean, Atmosphere, Land, Agriculture, Bio-life may reach a point to which Genetic and the Natural State has been damaged at a molecular level to which the reparative process may be too ineffectual and lengthy to surpass the Genetic and Eco-loss.  Again, to utilize all encompassing efforts which will result in benefits to your project often come down to a matter of simple support, I.e, as in supporting a Global Injunction Against TEPCO (Tokyo Elec. Power Co.), Japan, the Abatement, Decontam. / Remediation / Remuneration / and Recovery of all Damaged Life, Systems, and Economy.  Next we intend to force Cessation, Abatement, Remuneration, Remediation, Restoration of and for the Rad. toxins dumped into the Sea of Ireland, constantly Contam.’ing India and other areas.  


Section II:


a) Dr. Rash B. Ghosh,


  A Situation exists / You are well aware of it: Inadequate Decontamination of Potable H2O and Sewage systems / the Effects are a combined devastation of Global Proportions / In Some Regions, Remote and not so, the Problem is worse and more expedient to show the Results.  


 We have been in progress of Projects to,


  • Bring H2O Potable and Sewage Systems to Remote / depressed / underdeveloped or economically disadvantaged areas for Years.

  • Using Passive Systems / Indigenous Supply / Indigenous Personnel to accomplish this.

  • Extend the services with instruction integral / teaching the thinking / methods.

  • Include Social Upgrade / Opportunities and Protection included.

 A second or Additional Problem exists: Nuclear Contamination / It is not acceptable / allowable or in the category of Integral to Life / It is Polluting and Damaging / near irrevocable.


 The systems of inclusion of Nuclear Contam. Filtration is amazingly easy.  The Ingredients necessary to safely provide Clean Potable water are inexpensive / the Process for Sewage treatment - Ditto and Accomplishes so much - Converting the contamination to Additional Substance which further Decontaminates the load.  In Result Air / Ground / Groundwater - Environ and Populace do not have to accept the unnecessary / Fully unjust Productions or Results.

Note: The time is approaching when the mentality of individuals who would destroy the environment they need to survive and Force their choices on other People - or would Provide energy to people and Destroy the very People they claim to provide for is coming to an end.  It is a total contradiction of Purpose.


 In the construction / fabrication of systems - there are existent models easily Retrofitted - the Phase system of filtering / Hydro-treatment is of-course the Prime / the modules can be utilized in very ergonomic forms - I.e, in Some regions (new) Plastic Garbage cans are used / Indigenous materials or Simple construct. methods are easily Available.


 In the Primary, Nuclear Contam. / Pollutants / Chemicals should be the first to be filtered / as to no pollute (contaminate) the Syst.  There are Readily Available substances, natural and processed, that not only trap / but decontaminate.


  A study needs to be done as to Average Amounts / type / reaction in all existent Pollutants / Chems or Natural minerals and substances as to compound pollutants and the correct treatments of all contingencies must be accounted for, including the Weather charts / Periodic Table / Possible and Unseen events to prepare a economic and universally protectant and efficient System.  E.g.: If the wind currents average / or / accidentally or Annually shift to Bring the pollution near a Moth-ball factory, the mixture of Ammonia (urine) can (will) cause deadly Cyanide gas - Contingency for this must be inclusive in system to avoid occurrence of mishap in use of system - Using the Bathroom / such events will cause a Pariah effect of the facility / this is Common for Potable and Sewage Systems.

 In the Second Phase a delivery System of Predictable Release should be used to Purify the Source (secondary) water / slack time for treatment and effectiveness by data - Volume -to- Purifying Agent.  The Next Phase, a filtration or particle clarification with access to clarifier for replace.  The next phase, should contain Anti-bacterial / fine Particle cleansing treatment and ultraviolet as a final.



The Septics are in Similar phase Design:


  • a Rough Particle Breakdown and enzyme treatment /

  • A fine Particle and Disease Treatment /

  • a disbursement / leach tank.  These are of course a Synoptic view.

Please Contact as we are Prepared to show you how economic and efficient systems can be implemented.


b)  In the projects / efforts there are few simple phases:

  • Utilizing existing information - design filtration systems primary treatment for Rad.Contam., Chemical, Toxins, Diseases, Contaminants that they may not corrupt the remainder of the system.  They should be designed with changeable modular filtration devices in order that recharging of the systems is simple.  A Study to determine the interaction of myriad toxins / pollutants / contaminants / their combined effects to guarantee overall decontamination, I.e, the existence of MTBE in ground modules contaminating the potable sources may be filtered with one substance while a strychnine based pollutant may be filtered by another - combination of both may create a third more deadly complex compound - immune to either decontaminant substance or secondary compound created by both.  The purification system must be encompassing.  The order of chambers must be determined by testing or existing research data to guarantee a safe end result.  For efficiency's sake we will call this “Chamber 1”.  With your work in mind these should be designed as retrofit systems.  

c)  In the respect of Economics, it is important to remember that a 3 phase system was widely used in the Ozark Mountains / other regions prior utilizing three tubs / barrels / plastic garbage cans.  


 Chamber 1 included Rock / Gravel of various size to Filter /


 Chamber 2 included Bleach stone - a rock or several Bricks soaked in a solution of H2O and Bleach (volume controlled) - Rock and Brick known to release only a measured amount of Bleach at regular intervals or controlled amount / also contained Sand to act as additional filtering Agents - absorbing Contaminants to be disposed of in regular intervals /


 Chamber 3 contained Charcoal sometimes treated with an Antibacterial or Alcohol as a germicide.  


With the combined research, simple systems of water filtration can be used.  One of the keys to economic systems utilization of indigenous materials, I.e., the Construction of wooden barrels using non-toxic and non-reactive materials / easily replaceable and available in any region.  Another module integral to success is elemental protection or controlled environment, a simple building guaranteeing no contaminants or inadvertent variable factors interfering with the purification process.


d)  Integral to the process is indigenous involvement– Briefing / Instruction / information / supervision And construction / training in procedure in the handling of aqueous Solutions – Sanitation, Etc.  This is vital to guarantee the Proliferation/Continuation and must include the education of causation and results Of disease / Illness / parasites / pollution to groundwater, agriculture, livestock, themselves, and the Hydro circulatory system.


e)  In respect to sewage treatment the phase and chamber system is no exception in the simplicity / inclusion of Radioactive Decontamination. Using the chamber systems / (I noted that yours are integral) / older filtration systems use a 3 chamber process:


  •   Chamber 1) A circular chamber is formed on a down slope of a hill preferably at the edge of a village where there are no crops/farming.  After flattening and compacting a ground-site, a 8-15ft diameter circular structure is formed / rock, mortar, and concrete are hollowed in more solid ground - Reference the outside fabric dyeing factories Northern Africa.  The Chamber is equipped with an Igloo entrance facing downhill towards the Secondary Chamber.  The Chamber contains Rock/Gravel of various size, enzymes and some sort of screening device to the Igloo/Exit.  The chamber should be 3-4ft tall in height / a simple wooden lid, may be constructed with a center post to act as a “stay” device - where possible a pipe with threaded nut at top is optimum / it is important to maintain access in order that the gravel filter may be changed.  


  •   Chamber 2 is normally designed from 4-12ft in diameter, 3ft height at maximum of similar construction and containing sand, finer stone, antibacterial, fungicide / recharging is capable through a capped tube; should be a minimum of 2ft below base level Chamber 1 (worst case scenario: 1/4 inch per 4ft or 1ft for 12) / duplication of system is simplistic.  


  •   Chamber 3 in like reduces in size 50%-75% of Chamber 2 / is typical in construction however has perforations covering the circumference.  The height is similar to Chamber 2 / typical to drop Chamber 3 is a disbursement chamber and feeds the Leach fill; the lids for Chambers 2 + 3 are typical to Chamber 1.  Often times in rural areas pitch (tree sap) is used as a moisture proofing agent for all members / some form of lubricant used for the center post.  After construction of the chambers, rock / crushed rock - gravel is placed surrounding all 3 chambers and for a minimum of 15-20ft circumference of Chamber 3 / Dirt / Soil / Vegetation / Grass / etc. is spread into the areas - Trees (absorbent) are planted on parameters to “fence” the area off.  


  •   The inclusion of the same ingredients for radioactive filtration are the same for potable source / exception: Ferric Hydroxide - ferric hydroxide converts a mass (R.Contam.) to Selenium which in turn converts more of the mass.  It is not used in potable system as an over abundance may cause medical problems.  


  •   In the construction of the facility (the WC), this is designed for a max of 4-5 seats for average use, facilities up to, I believe, 26 people average.  Dividing the volume of Tank #1 to the designed use # (26), multiplying the volume by predicted use.  The seats may be designed as mentioned for this size capacity septic system / of course a larger system would accommodate more people.  One seat should be designed for pre-teen use (smaller).  As concerns Gender use of the facilities is determined by culture / where necessary an increase in system 15% allows the addition of one more seat / a separation of male / female.  


  •   At the top of the Rise a simple Shed-type building is designed at one side an open trough or funnel at waist height / a simple trough (wood approvable) much in the designs of a livestock food-trough, a slew-enview would be boards secured together causing the letter V or L.  This is placed at the rear of the shack, running along the back wall.  This exits with a simple flapper valve into a small tubular shaped pipe going into Chamber 1 at the upper section.  Exterior of the shack to the feed trough is an elevated barrel with a simple rope pole/release and feed.  This delivers gravity water through the upper side of the building, releasing a measured amount of water to the receptor trough where individuals may wash their hands as it delivers through the seeding device, through the base trough / flapper valve to Chamber 1.  If possible should contain some sort of waterproofing system exterior / Interior non-absorbent finish system / ventilation (passive fan).


  •   In the case of typical piece of gravity drag / a simple barrell collecting rainwater on the roof / a bucket for hand delivery / a funnel shape at the mobilization of the trough populace delivery.  The base trough should be at a minimum slope (3 inches for every 4ft).  


  •   Such as in the instance of watershed, no motor vehicles are allowed, no vehicles containing oil.  The grounds as filters and collectors are kept pristine.  More areas in all sectors of the world need to be dedicated in similar fashion in expanded areas - watershed selection and Purification.   


  •   In the aspect of Rad.Contam. the inclusion of French Green Clay, used in decontamination aqueous solutions, attracts / draws harmlessly / decontam.’s Radioactivity and contamination - it is natural, prevalent, harmless, portable, readily available through health cosmetics and other distribution sources / Zeolite, found naturally in volcanic activity, is ditto - will attract R.Con. / store it / however will not decon. it - it is useful in conjunction with French Green Clay.  Potassium, which is used for decon.’ing nuclear test sites, will allow portable vegetation to grow naturally with 3.5 years / from developed regions the same process in manufacturing sugar / fructose, from apples, oranges, coconut, may be used in aqueous mixtures with bananas to crystalize process and stored in filtration modules.  Selenium is available in many forms - the most common / concentrated: Brazil Nuts.  


  • In some cases collectors of different types where natural filtration systems (foliage) cannot be effective, Passive collectors must be utilized to intercept, collect, and decon. various pollutants / in some cases collected for breakdown.


  • Breakdown - the breakdown process should be expanded for the entire globe / should be mandatory for all manufacturing facilities manufacturing harmful / caustic / dangerous pollutants.  They should be held responsible for the decommission and disposal of all their by-product.  Manufacturers / fabricators should be given alternatives to their caustic and bio-degrading materials, I.e., methods and specifics as in alternatives for the production of their products.  

  • Note: understanding and facing / deactivating Nuclear action and Contamination / disarming it / is the key / it removes the stigma - once understood how simple the protection is, process becomes intently easier.  

Note: the inexpensive systems - salvation.  The circulation of all chambers should be done per capita plus average growth rate plus 20% /


f)  Retrofitting - retrofitting to existing systems is simple.  



  • On potable systems the addition of a simple primary chamber with an in-and-out filtration method, E.g. as treating a spool with absorbent non-toxic fiber (cotton string/rope) with the materials necessary for R.Con., allowing the spool to dry, absorbing and containing substances / bottom seal feeding the pre-treated water to the inside of the spool or outside of the spool - forcing it to the filter, causing the water to be filtered / the release stone and “Barrel” method is another.

  • In some cases on the septic system, release stones or other modules may be flushed into the septic system, retrofitting the system easily.  The intervals of replacement are calc’d at average flow; Is important to remember that on all of these systems (sewage) that a perp test - the ability of aqueous solutions to leach through gravel into soil is capable / it is important to take into account rainfall / increasing the depth and volume of gravel.  Allowances will avoid the flooding of the chambers preventing use of the facilities.

g)  Relieving the systems of R.Con. hinders partially the “stereo effect” on fetuses, increases the chance of reproduction, reduces the disease rates, and contributes to clean water source for the global cyclable Hydro-systems.  


h)  In order to have the source to treat / in some cases delivery systems must be devised.  In some cases small girls are sent to the river sources with a pot and in many cases does not return.  We have been working on passive systems for water using enviro-friendly methods such as Wind and Water actuated pumps to bring sanitary and advancement. I believe that these should be developed in conjunction for all locales in all sectors.  


  We are ourselves developing a motor that replaces all motors: auto / truck / boat / plane / construction / military / general purpose / energy generation / small tool and requires no petrochemicals / no oil / no petroleum based products.  We’re doing ergonomic replacements for plastics and papers.  We have answers for reduction of consumption of energy without loss of a single device.  I’m sure the academic world waits for an opportunity to implement better methods for everything.  Transportation without pollution, manufacturing ditto, with the assistance of available Government and Investigatory Prosecution, International Agencies, Due Causation, Cause and Effect, that International Changes can be put into effect.  


  A prime Solution would be a convention - the gathering of Researchers, Designers, Environmentalists, Anti-Nuclear, Think-tanks, Government Representatives, Proponents of Green-building and Manufacturing, Medicals,

Experts in the Environmental / Hydro / the latest Sciences, Legals, Decon. Experts to study the existing Bio-system / its combined declination, problems, causations, and work together.  Limits are in the problems.  Find solutions / alternatives / materials / substances / transportation that are not contributing to the demise of the Biosphere we call home.  


  In summation: On mobilizing Global Environmental / Hydrogramin Control, the Methods should be locational / informational / full briefing on Types / Source / Levels / Amount / Delivery / Location of Delivery / and Results.  Second, the War on Contaminants overloading our Systems and threatening our Survival should be broken-down into phases, as in Modes / Levels and Types.



  The global repair, recovery, control, maintenance, and improvement of the Environ. / Hydrogramin system should be enacted in Consecutive Order and concerted procedures.  Global collaborative plan with all concerned will start at Level 1 and like ripples in a pond going inwards instead of going out / the Global Theatre should be divided into Quadrants, with global efforts starting on the outside going in, activating Level 1 and working in what point level 2 begins and level 3.  


    Level 1: Global - as in, larger global control - Replenishment of the Ozone Layer / Reduction of Deforestation / the Increase of Regulation and Penalty for violation / the eradication of Chemical Pollution / the Replacement of Dangerous Chemicals / Substances / Toxins and Practices with Green Solutions / the “Global Land-fill Act”, which prevents the manufacture of toxic, useless, disposable articles / the Replacement of Paper products from Wood / the replacement of Plastics / Petro-Chem fuel motors / the Cessation and Abatement of R.Con. and production of Nuclear existence  / Decommission of Nuclear Weapons / Decontamination of All Nuclear Sites / the Global Collaboration to Upgrade Toxic Monitoring and Repair the Deployment of Stopgap measures / Procedures to Prevent Pollutants from Reaching the Hydrogramin Sources.


    Level 2: the National Collaborative Unified Activation of White Noise equivalent gross pollutant environ’s / locations / analyze decided and directed.


    Level 3: More Localized Maneuvers of Toxic Site Clean-ups replanting other methods of control for Repair / the Installation of “Catchers” at all Water Collection Sources, I.e., Storm Drains, Factory Let-offs, Pollutant Stacks (Aerobic), and Other more local methods.


    Level 4: Coordinated Widespread Distribution and Installation of Septic / Potable / Filtration / Gathering / Routing / Agricultural / and Other Sources to Actively Reduce Contamination at a Village and Global Level - Planned and Carried Out in Format Fashion

Note: To think that different entities would work in coordination may seem a pipe dream, however realize that recently Sun-flower Alliance, with two other Anti-nuclear Organizations, arranged multi-thousands marches and gatherings in New York and Oakland, California - with such alike and Educational they could have just as well Nationally planted Ferns along all of their Dedicated Areas - Reducing Carbon Pollution to the Hydrogramin System Notably.  In the actuation of attacking pollutants on a Global, Continental, National, Regional, and Local Arenas en concierto efforts / utilizing to the fullness Supportive and Legal Network / Enforced Reduction of Contaminants / Maintaining Overall Observation / Spontaneous Interactive Global Modeling Application (SIGMA) / with ability for Response and Remediation with network from all available theaters: Medical / Research / Development / Inventive / Military / Governmental / Diplomatic / Academic / Educational / Informational.  Sources and Assistance that our Goal and Human Survival may be Actuated much more rapidly than you imagine. The matter of Demanding that Systems Global / National / Regional / and Local be adhered to (Hydrogramin Environmental and Populous Care) is a matter for Legals / Assistive Org’s / and Caring Individuals.  The matter of manufacture / fabrication is an opportunity for each of us / and collectively / potentialed individuals existing / “Far sighted” businesses / and potentialed Young Students with an eye to activate their chosen fields.  The responsibility of Distribution and Assistance in these Systems, Ditto.  Consider it Alternate / Expanded Scientific Methods.


   This is to include Data Implemented Programs for Pollutions Reduction / Manufacture Restrictions / R&D Toxin Reduction Devices  / Decommission Efforts / Breakdown, Decontamination, and Disposal of Toxins and Pollutants - Global Collaborative Convergent Hydrogramin / Environmental Control.


   You have performed a Long and Valiant Effort with good cause and plans for better results.  It is time to be aware that multitudes of Others are of your like-mind and waiting for the opportunity to assist you in this Worthy Project.  To show you the simplicity of removing the necessity for Nuclear Energy / Deforestation /  Advanced Electric Generation /  Pollution at Large,  We have these alternatives that we know you will find simplistic and ergonomic as solutions.


Sandstone International Consulting Co.


Global Convergent Encompassing Efficient Solutions



Gunther Williams

Sandstone Intl. Consult. Co.

Phone: 510-478-2109

  In the same concept that potassium is actually sprayed on nuclear test sites (military), dual wall self-feeding passive delivery system pipes (lateral) should be installed with monitors in aquifers at all levels encompassing the West Coast - with the use of Timed / Time-clocks / the designed measured delivery systems powered by solar or wind pumping decontaminants to dual-wall delivery laterals installed in the Aquifers would intern decontaminate all they touch - Land / Other Waters / Wells / People / Agriculture / Wildlife / Foliage / Air / Ocean - Teams are needed to Design these devices - Utilize existing Anti-nuke/ Environmental groups to install / monitor / maintain / record / log / and publish results. 
Apologies for quality of sketches due to time restraints.

(SIGMA) Spontaneous Interactive Global Modeling Application

The Coastal Sentry

Indigenous Building from Vehicles 


From Wheels the Bearings are Used to Produce from Shafts for the Mill - Rims to run Pullies off the Power-rod / Drive shaft to ram to power two different tools / springs - used for a Power Hammer / A Transmission to change the speed of a Saw or Mill Stone - / Pulleys and Belts used to Power different tools - The End of the Shaft works a cam / Piston-chamber / or a Cam style water pump with fire hoses for Delivery of Water to a Central Distributing Village.
























  - A wheel constructed of hardwoods - bearinged with car wheel hubs - Steering wheel for Drill Press lever / 

- In the village a Sentry stands - made of Pipe - Blades Turning - a shaft from the Car - old torque wheels - a simple ratchet device - and the Generator starter from a truck () / Power lights - Headlights - tail lights with handmade lenses - transported to Community Centers made by the Mills - Services / Metal Parts made to Tools / Hammers / Chisels / Axes / Pliers / Worm Gears from Jacks utilized for Presses / From Junk …. 





































































Letter Requested to forward as assistance to the heads of nations for support:


Synopsis Recommendation for Collaborative Global Repair


Re: Outline Solutions for the Combined Progressive Effects of Inadequate Contaminant Relief


  As a Forward, I Am Not Accustomed To Watching Problems of Any Nature Go Unsolved.  In Accordance With That Seeing Such a Prevalent Serious Problem Cause In Some Cases to No Fault of the Indigenous - Purely Circumstantial or In Allowance of Some Individuals to “Do” In the Name of Business / Energy / or Progress what They Would Be Prosecuted For In The Name of War.  

 Here You Will See Recommendations for “Joining” Those Who Know / Those Who Want To Help / Those Who Want To Know / Those Who Can / Those Who Do and Need the Assistance of Those Who Know and Those Which to Help.   It is An Opportun. Event When Existing Modules May Be Merged To Accomplish So Much.  And If In the Process People’s Become Aware That their Problems Know No Borders But Affect All the Peoples of The Earth and Therefore Deserve the Cooperation and Assistance of All Those Willing.  For An In-Depth / Comprehensive / Encompassing / Detailed Report / Recommendation It Will Be Available To Generate Though Not As Rapidly As this Synopsis.  I Hope You Will Find the Merits In These Recommendations.


  In the Issue of HydroGramin there are Several Things to Consider: 1st is to Understand what it is - the Control of Environmental Factors and Conditions.  Affecting the water Source for the Purpose of Protecting / Stabilizing / Allowing Optimal Performance and Condition (purify) for the Purpose of Human / Animal Flora / Fauna / Agricultural use to include but not limited to the “Feeding” of Grand Source Water to provide survival of the Biological life and Self Sustaining Cycle for the Same Accomplishment.  Simply Water Affects / Keeps all life and now the Environment Affecting must be Cleansed and maintained So to Prevent the “load syndrome” I.E. A Lake that cycles Base to Surface every 7 years may become too overloaded with Pollutants to turn over.  In the Same Aspect - An Environment that is too Contaminated does not allow the Cycle of Cleansing and Replenishment to allow for Continued Supply and The Survival of Bio Life on Planet Earth.

  In the aspect of human nature - 1 - is to Believe that Everything will Be Alright / 2 - To Ignore what is unpleasant and Hope that it will turn out alright.  It is now Apparent in “Adult life” that is is the effort of Individuals / Groups Caretaking the Conditions / Solving the Problems / Situations / The Modules that most take for Granted.

  In the cold of Morning ClearLight or of Stark realization - It is Clear and Present that if the Water Sources of the World In Each “Part” of the World Are Not Care-taken - The There Will Be An Eventual Deadline To Survival on this Planet.  In That Realization - Almost All Water Empties Into the Sea - If the Sea Contains Radioactive Contamination - With Evaporation/Humidity /The Existing Cycle All Water and Life It Touches Is Exposed to The Same.


  In the Surveying of the Water Systems I think we have to view the Aspects / Conditions / Variables / Facts / Statistics and the State.  

A) Each of the Districts are affected by different variables and stimuli.  A Study and Report From Professionals or Experts in Each Area will Identify the Problems / Causations / Effects / Conditions and Recommendation for Repair -

B) It is to Understand that Each District Affects the Entire System as Each District is a Vital Link in the Overall Cycle.  The condition of the HydroGramin System / the Quality and Safety of Water Affects You and Will Be a Determining Factor in the Survival of your family line.

C) Realize and Actuate to Control Repair - Caretake / Recover / Amend / Maintain and Improve the HydroGramin System Through Networking - there are Thousands of Agencies / Individuals / and Organization Attempting Similar rescue efforts - Categorized and Concerted to act in Unison they Become an encompassing Army of Panned effects Raising the Yield to Productivity- 1000%’s  / efficiently and expeditiously.

D) Next is is imperative To Get Good Controlled Information and Overview on the Entire System To Defend/Remediate appropriately as needed.

E) To Analyze Data from all information / Make Recommendations and Implement.

F) Next it is important To Impress With Stat’s / Evidence / relative Reports I.E./E.G: Reports Emanating from the 60’s and 70’s That the Ozone Layer is Damaged / Delaminating in Conjunction with the Carbon Contributions It will Cause a Hothouse Effect.  We are Living in the Hot House Effect.  By Correlation show the Imperative Nature of Repair to the Hydrogramin System - Prove that It Will Be too Contaminated / Toxified and in Shortage to Support Life - A Progressive Report on the Decline in Quality and Quantity of Water Conditions.

G) Share info with Those Concerned - At least a Video Conference at Best a Physical Set of Conferences in Different Regions (Using Voice Actuated Translation Software) Progressing to Larger Conferences for Report - Analyzation / Decision Action / Implementation Mobilization Scheduling / Funding / Logistics / Command / Control and Report of Effects.

  1) Send a Call out to the Academic - A / Legal - L / Water Controlling Agencies of the World - W / Oceanic Agencies - O / Air Quality Control and Reporting (USG /Meteorology/etc.) - AQ / Organizing Agencies of the World - Og / The Volunteer/501c3 Environmental/all Anti-Nuclear Orgs of the World and Political Heads of Government Invested in the Improvement of the Water Systems of the World.

  2) Form a Committee Representative of the Governments’ Agencies (utilizing Diplomatic Corps.): Information / 501c3 / Entities (News / Academic / Media) / Informationals (Magazines / News letters / etc.) / Decontamination and Pollution Control and Abatement / Legal Rep of 501c3 Attorneys / International Attorneys / Others willing to assist / Academic Experts / All Available Institutions (including Research) / A Rep. from Regulating Agencies (I.e. City / State / County / region / Province / National / International Agencies / Parks / Preserves / Waterways falling under) Similar with each category / Translation Software Devices or PA’s should be used for max efficiency / Parameters of Mission Directive / Activity / Duties / Responsibilities / Agency / Orgs and Personnel falling under Each Logged / Communication /  Chain of Command and Information collectors / Flow / Collating / Dissemination / Regulating and Desicionary Methods Verified and Logged and All logistical Considerations for effective mission / Software should be used / Adapted and Modified / Combined by an IT and Communications Specialist Assigned to Collect / Collate Report and Make Available Accounting - Events / Statistics / Pertinent Events / Levels Contaminants / Regions / and Affectations Regularly Identified / Central Agencies should be setup on Each Conference with No Region Ignored.  Stage for Info should be setup / backed-up and Available by access Code / All inputs available by Computer or Phone use / Websites with Accounting/Affectation Information / Website setup with Flow charts Developed for Proceduring the Categories / Committee / Hands / Chain of Command/etc. with Accompanying Explanation Papers in Order of Committee / Overall and Broken-down with explanation of Duties etc. for Time Efficiency on Orientation / A Progress Timeline Schedule should be Developed for Posting and Implementation / Grants and funding applied for / a budget generated and additional services lines out by all existing participants currently / 501c3’s / Governmental /etc.)

The Globe Should be Divided into Districts Each assigned through Control and Reporting Agencies.

  3) All existing Data / Info should be Documented / Logged / Collated Date (included)

  4) Volunteer “Callouts” should be used (widely) from Colleges / Universities / Volunteer Groups / Media / 501c3’s (Eg Sierra Club / Greenpeace/ Intl. Concern/Humanitarian Orgs) Assignment by Category should be posted multi-lingually to the tributary websites/Research Groups for Detailing - Sources of Contaminants / Levels / Amounts and Condition to Delivery Variables affecting Variables / Scenarios of Mutation / Location shift - methods of Cessation / Abatement / Recommendation / Remediation / Delivery Documentation from Avail Sites / Existing Info should be Documented as Source - Particulars - Delivery Variables - (E.G Wind/Water/Evaporation/Currents/Amounts) When and where with what affectation (E.G Cross-Currents or Temperature affectation) To What Locals / Statistically what Documented affects to what modules, I.e. Air/Water/Land/Human/Agriculture/Live-stock/etc.) with special attention to the HydroGramin Source. Other research groups working with Legal in A.S.M. to Supply IronClad Info of Effects of Offending Conditions for Due Cause of ShutDown / Abatement / Remuneration / Remediation and Premise in Laws.  All participating Personnel Should Assist with Endorsement Written and Legal.  Volunteer Groups should be assembled for each Category with Clear Chain of Command Control / Reporting Worked Out with the Groups and Rep or Coordinators from the Central Committee - Each Volunteer Should Receive Clean information and Including Reports / Recommendations / Conditions on their Contributions / quality / efforts / the results of same / A List of Agencies’ heads they Contacted efforts for / first opportunity with qualification for jobs in their field.

   5) A Model should be Developed - The Simultaneous / Interactive / Globe / Model / Application - SIGMA - of the Earth - with All Water activity including humidity / Evaporation / Precipitation / Delivery / Location / Melt / “feed” to / tributaries / Streams / Rivers / Underground / Amounts / Reservoirs / Lakes / Values /etc. / using Existing Technology / Secondly, A Similar Model with Contamination/Pollutants/Radiation/activity/Oil/etc. / Third, A similar with Plant Life affectation amounts locations quality / Fourth, A Globe with Combination of /Water /Pollution combined / Fifth, A Globe with Water / Green Life and Pollution Combined.

- by attaching the existing Websites / water / usb / water management fax’s etc. the globe will update every Second / Spontaneously / with Weekly and Special Event / Reports / Volunteers may Accomplish this with a min of Effort.  The reduction Increase / Location / Level / type Causation of Affectation and Remediation may be affected by auto Alert - Report ‘hookup’ to District Regulating Agency.

   6) A Series of motions (simultaneously) should occur:

      a) A set of Laws should be Generated with Do Cause / Effect and Doc to limit or Abate Contaminants causing Damage to our Earth and Its Integral System / the Offender should be forced by law / Enforcement (on Regional and Global Level) to Remunerate for Efforts / Remediate and adjust their Process to Prevent further events affecting / the individuals Reported and Publicized.

Utilizing Mass - (all personnel / informational (associated and concerned) and Convention Support - New Endangering Acts Laws - slogan “Save the World Without Leaving Your Home” should be put into effect - Legislated with all Cooperative Governments (with Diplo Core) / IBC / the Option for Lawsuit (Class Action and Personal) and Action by Alt. Enforcement Agencies (E.g., ICC / UN)

- Volunteer efforts on Indigenous / Alternate / Economic efforts should mobilize - I.E.E.G.: the Planting of Fern and Other Carbon transforming Foliage in High Carbon Areas / cleanups / Informationals on Video / 501 News forum and Alt.

- A Documentary should be filmed by Film Students - globally 0 Working together (with trans software) to Record a Documentary on Process /

- The Continued Efforts of Legal (with Endorsement) of legal action / Injunction against gross offenders to Reduce the Rates we Face - (with UN support)

- Volunteer and Research Groups are busy with R+D - To Provide Alt. Energy - Green - Environ-friendly / Alt. Materials / Manufacture / Landfill and Disposal.

- Legals are busy Assisting with Gov’t Passing these into effect - Law terms National to International Levels(Ref Expansion of global Decision to go Petro-free by year 2025 / US + China).

- Legal Groups are involved active efforts to Shut Down / Force to Prosecution / Force to Remuneration and show example of TEPCO / British and Other Co’s to Cleanse / Abate / Remunerate / Remediate - Prosecuting Protective Agencies (for Nuclear Reg’s etc. for Dereliction of Duty).

- Repair should include Forestation / Ozone Layer Repair / Carbon Reduction / Oceanic Repair / Replacement and Abatement of Plastics / Chemicals and Other Toxins / An Investigation - Replacement - Publicizing of Toxic Chemicals and Practices in Everyday Substances (E.g Proctor and Gamble, Monsanto, etc.) / Groundwater Repair / Polar Ice Cap Regeneration / Affordable Indigenous Materials System for Remote Regions for Potable and Septic Sys and Modern Convenience.

- Informational Personnel are Keeping informed the Public / Gov’ts / Academicians and All Pertinent Entities (Cleared through Central Committee) For Update / Progress / Improvement / Continued Support.

- Each Group by Category is busy Doing their Part / their Link in the Chain / Utilizing Existing Entities and Networking the Efforts towards a Common goal.

    7) A Model testing Ground should be setup to show a Restorative Environment / Green Ground and Rain Water utilized to form a Trombe with Weir and Passive Flow filtration system / Stream / Fish-farm / Irrigation Syst. / Limited Farming / Living Units and Adaptive Farming Methods / Hydroponics /etc.  The Entire Model should be run by Passive Systems - Wind/Water/Air/Solar/Household/Farming/Decontaminating to show a Contaminant Free environment model in the midst of Stereo contamination from different sources / I.e. Radioactive Chemical / man made / amassed combined / aqueous / Aerobic / GMO’s / Etc. to show in actuality feasibility of intensely economic Indigenous Materials / Fabrication systems can be used on wider scale to Provide Contaminant Free Living Environment.  We have been working on developing such a model for quite some time.

    8) A Permanent Coalition of All entities should be formed funding for the Agency (Intl.) and Proven of Operation and Network maintained for total effect.

    9) As Goals are achieved / modification / Alt. Energy etc. cyst. / Manu is being accomplished according to Sched - Global Recovery Coalition should be gathered for a Convention - Global simultaneous Video convention should inform / give Credit / further up on Job availability for Jobs / Other Agreements Kept/etc.  A Global Progress Report Published with expectation for the Continuation of Mission Goals and Directive.



 As a Consultant I have Given a brief synapse on “Do able” / feasible Plan at low expense/ the Fact Is as Is A Job Is Not Done Till It’s Done - In this Case It will be a Job of Maintenance Once it is Mobilized.  There is no lack of willing / No Lack of Knowledge or Education or Will / We are watching Our World Die in front of Us.  A Networking / A Coordination / A Collaborative Effort with those with A Drive / Commitment to Do what they know Best / A realization Passed on To Others - Contamination Knows No Borders - As it was Said Once an Old Proverb: Four Men escaped a sinking ship onto a boat / After a time Floating 1 Became Bored - He Picked up his Seat He Began Pulling the Boards to His Seat / The Others Asked “What are You Doing?” Why he Replied “It’s my part of the Boat…” Obviously People are Concerned / It is the Time for Concerned Individuals to Cross hands across the Borders and Do what each of us do best Before We Find it is too Late to do anything.  To Quote a Phrase My Father Often Used - “If Not You Who / If Not Now When?” - Our Recommendation and Ability are available for mobilization.


Operating Parameters for Environmentals H20

   In the capacities of working the environmental aspects of Repair and custodial efforts, you will interphase with many orgs / agencies / academic / scientific / governmental / others - some of those efforts are detailed in Consult Townes (Consult H).  It is no mystery that the water source of the Earth is being destroyed, becoming extinct, the vital necessity of the reclamation of our water source is Life itself with the myriad of affectations / contamination / destructions it may seem a near impossible task to restore it however in systematically networking Academicians / Scientists / Research Groups / Dedicated 501c3’s / Volunteers / Interested People / Students Devoting their Lives towards Water-related careers / Governmental Agencies International / Preservation Societies / Public Works I.E. Permit Departments with special regulations in the categories of Construction proximity to water / water affectation / reclamation / preservation / State and Federal Departments / In conjunction with GRC’s related Research and Efforts - without having to leave your Campus or Town assisting in the Section or “Linc” to which you Excel in the instillation of Regulations / Enforcements / Preventions / Tools, such as Passive Decontamination Devices and Water-Cell-Wall Strengthening methods, clearly defines that each entity operating within the parameters of their comfort level in Unison can indeed simply/easily deal with the problem.  There are many aspects in which to become involved - in organizing / Administrating / networking / coordinating / researching / installing / informational / communicational / logging / collating / Decontamination efforts - the simple fact is the Addition of each effort leads to one more set of hands pulling on the rope.  With the development of advanced monitoring systems.  For those truly concerned, with the effects of assisting / improving / preserving / protecting our water systems there are Results; For those interested in entering the field of water-works, there is actual experience, network, and knowledge that cannot be gained by other methods; For those bent towards the survival of the Earth, there are results; For everyone there is accomplishment.  


  Within the preservation of Water there are many different fields: ocean / land / underground / cycle-able system / dedicated treatment / reclamation / improvement - what other section someone wishes to excel there is opportunity / success and the knowledge that everyone benefits.  

Please Reference Additional Notes - Environment/H20 section