(Desperate Situations Solutions and Opportunity)

DSSO Intro


  In so many different regions the qualities which you expect - the standards - do not exist - Resulting in enormous amounts of potential People not finding outlet for their natural instinct towards elevation and progress - DSSO provides the Opportunities everyone - Orphanages / Med Centers / Anyone who wishes to learn / earn / Progress by allowing education with viable income at the same Centers / Certification / hands on experience / and education in Social Responsibility / so many things are accomplished simultaneously / Social Reform / Elevated Standard / Education and Techniques that Integrate themselves taking Culture into account Instead of Discarding It / Improvement begins to weave itself into the Culture like that particular regions’ Colors into the fabric of the regional wear.  This Mission is Slated for Four Continents: Africa / Asia / India / Europe / and All Parts of America… The Motto: Walk away from the Cartels.  

Summary DSSO
  Countries are notated as Third-World denoting the standards and opportunities not developed to a level that are conducive to a quality of life or in some case “even living”.  To no fault of their own, many people are born into these conditions however it does not denote a lack of caring / intelligence / or potential.