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  Rarely has such a simple project found ability to have such vital effects in relief from a classification to which none of us wish to address: Terrorism.  Operating on a principle that someone cannot bomb a train if they think their friend is on it / an Individual cannot believe propaganda in regards to one nation plotting the end of another if they have established a Friendship at an early age with someone from the Nation in question - for instance being asked “Don’t you want to grow up and blow up the country of Mythica” only to hear the reply, “where’s that, No I want to grow up and be a Baseball Player” - through Interaction / Interchange / Cultural Understanding / Assist in Reducing Future Acts of Terrorism - the Project had originally been approved at the Dept. of Defense before a change in staffing / the potential and Results are both welcome and great If you believe in avoiding conflict through mutual understanding you will find an alley with this project.

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  For the development of CCC - the Cultural Convention Center - the phrase Efficiency equals money / money = Lives - the Maximum Efficient Overall Project Management / Design equals Lives / Damage and Irreplaceable Modules preserved - thus it is that Efficiency equals Lives.

   It is imperative within the design to take into account all functions and variables from the CCCs / multifaceted USGs will have to be consulted (free) to get basic samples (readings) on ground conditions - maximum efficiency for construction - taking into account the massive network allowances have to be made.

  Student engineers / electrical / plumbing / communication / ground / civil / structural / bomb-blast and Others can gain invaluable experience and Resume value / etc. - in the actuation of such as beneficial project learning the actual process / control / variables / criteria / classifications - admin / construction / Maintenance of Integrity through Personnel and process variable / design / prerequisite / order of actuation / surpassing limitation / completion of project and everything in between.

  Materials and design will depend partially on the USGs and Engineer Recommendations - learning to get what you want under existing conditions and variables is key to good PM work.

  Routing allowing for preexisting channels for the provision of services and function / taking into account all contingencies / in function / construction / expansion and event, including explosive human elimination ordinance delivery and maximum usage of facility - after Generating a Primary Design and running the systems (going through the function) the needs / materials / supplies / manpower / equipment / etc. should be easy to ascertain / log in category and in conjunction make allowance for job description / contingency / modification / expansion / prepare / maintenance - generate a budget taking into account the cost of admin / information / meetings / Admin equipment and supplies / reports / etc.  / after running scenarios make allowance for all contingent actions / reactions - setup a systems function operational personnel maintenance repair contingency and training manual.

   Generate business proposal and plan - setup PM design meetings with Consulant Gunther Williams at 510-478-2109

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  We are all tired of terrorism, its effects — the very concept with everything that has to be endured in these times the senseless horror occurring constantly due to misconception and willing discrimination due to culture must end / with all the world’s problems the mass destruction of unsuspecting people from misunderstanding that lavash / rote / matzos / egg rolls / tortillas / pita / brot / lumpia are all made from the same things / People laugh and cry and think from the same stimulus and Each Country concentrating on their prosperity instead of the destruction of the other is the survival of the Planet and the end to senseless terror… Fabricating / Facilitating Centers to dispel cultural misconceptions is to accomplish something human - kingdoms, countries, fashion, values, and fads may change but contributions to the Human development are a gold that remains forever…