Intro to Legal Section


  In the efforts the Legal department is not only as valuable as each of the others but it is vital to the actualization of steps integral in deciding whither or not there is a continuation of Life as we know it in the West coast regions.  The range of works encompasses immediate environmental needs / actions to cessate an apocalyptic threat / efforts in setting up permanent preventatives towards future occurrences and take steps to eradicate all like conditions / it will effect the lives of enumerable people / others have to do with asserting unalienable rights to people who have not afforded them at this time - when someone takes the time to provide basic human rights for their fellow man it creates a relief in levels immeasurable to the recipient and guarantees those rights to the provider. 


  To Understand the vital necessity of efforts Reference TLT (Timeline Tepco) and POG (Path of Genocide) in the Anti-nuke/Environmental Section (under Projects and Index).


  Some of the Operating Parameters are lined out in GRC section, among them the basic: Assist in enacting immediate Injunction to halt the flow of threatening hazardous deadly fuel at a rate of 800 Tons per day to an already overexposed area / to receive information assistance from Research groups / volunteers / support from 501c3's including anti nuke and environmental but not limited to / to assist in outlines for new legislation / watch dog groups / enforcements / to assist in other endeavors to assure legal course of action - there are more expounded following however all entities participating are requested to forward support to your department.   in the Procedures to work as efforts towards damage control and vital preventive efforts is to with the assistance of developing (volunteers) an exacting timeline of the Tepco Daiichi Nuclear Power Facility of Fukushima Japan Meltdowns/  Surrounding events / all entities involved, including Nuke Regulating Agencies / Research Documenting Entities / Scientific Entities / Academic Entities / utilizing all reports available / accounts / media / and show simultaneous actions of Governmental agencies involved / receiving data from researchers a full exacting download of all Laws, Pacts, Codes, Codes of Conduct, Policies, Procedures, Parameters and Guidelines as outlined by Uniform Business Code / Local / State / Regional / National / Federal / International / Encompassing and Generate a Case for Prosecution with Charges cross referenced to not only each and every Law, Tariff, Convention, Agreement, however obscure and utilize this in cases against TEPCO, EPA / Associated Protection Agencies system of Checks and Balances / Governmental Agencies / Entities / Foreign Entities / and Associates assisting.  For Example, Investigation for dereliction of duty on the part of EPA in violation of these laws / duplicate for each and every category of regulation including international / duplicate for all of the proceeding with damage up-to and including but not limited to Disease / Loss of Income / Job / Associated Injury and Loss / Loss of Life / Loss to all supporting Associated such as Family / Loss of Promotion, job status, raises / Assets / Retirement / Duplicate for each and every Law/Code/Regulation/Tariff/Etc. beginning from a base level to Global / Repeat for Depraved Indifference / Repeat for each additional Charge / Each additional category with results of Damage to Environment / Economic Loss / Associated and Trickle-down, as in Fishing Industry , each and every loss personal / income / possessions / career / loss to associated industry - Canning / Transportation / etc. - with all related Loss categorized separately as in Trickle-down or Revenue to Federal Government, repeated for threat to Homeland Security / Permanent Generational Damage / Loss to Family Line / Renewable Man Power Resource (Ref. Birth rate deficit totaling 98+% and accompanying Genetic defects) include charges Genocide / Results Genocide / Willful Manipulative / Etc. to simply outline we show the documented preparation and horrific predictions by the Federal Government / current admin stockpiling of 14 million doses of Potassium Iodide to treat the Disaster.  The predictions from the NOAA of the Spread results continued growing levels of radiation after proven communiques from former administration - the complete shut down of all efforts / the previous administrations attempt to raise Acceptable rates of Radiation to deadly levels / after communiques current administrations attempt to duplicate but smaller levels , the failure, the success of legislation following further communiques between former and current administration to change levels to deadly and beyond / the enactment of current admin and EPA forcing State Nuke Reg Agency to accept those levels / the refusal of environmentally protective agencies to provide the slightest protective measure in spite of overwhelming documentation as to cause and effect / the Tracing of former administration's fabrication of final solution Camps to euthanize undesirables / public admission to continue after end of term in administration / after proven communications between the former and current administration / the allocation of funds / the formation of national Shelters under FEMA where undesirables are held without ability to communicate out / transfer and currently are unaccounted for - the continuation of Death-camps Federally funded / the publicized pictures, documentation, records of the former administration and Parent (Previous administration) attending and in full membership of organizations proponing population control in the form of Genocide - with Assistance in having all Documentation / Information available, force the investigation / prosecution of all culpable parties with multiple charges / multi-level / Assist in measures to prevent similar occurrences in the future and Duplicate All Efforts for Civil suits, forcing Remuneration for each and every damaged Cell as Minute as Ocean Plankton or Great as the loss of Life.


  The serious ramifications of the completion of Legal objectives cannot be stressed enough / if ever projects made a historical and monumental effects, they are here.



  When the dikes / damns / levies are breaking it is the nature of some people to attempt to think / design / procure equipment and material and follow a regimented plan - this also in some tradition that everything be regimented and regulated however the effects of the flood are always devastating and the true accomplishment - saving the day comes with the effort of as close to spontaneous reaction - thus it is in times of crisis that what is accomplished needs to be accomplished in the spirit of plugging the dikes / rebuilding the levies / showing the damns - by utilizing systematic methods keeping the directives - something necessary is accomplished - future modification - trailering is possible however in these cases expedience is necessary of data / project / results and attempts are useless / defunked / too late - a research project that takes two years and is detailed / exacting is useless when the need for the results are time sensitive and today  / Time Equals Lives - Information Equals Lives / Efficiency Equals Time Savings / Results Equal Life.

Rough Outline Tepco Case 


—With complete communique / employee statement trail of money / bank credit card etc. / meetings / including clandestine at remote location / current research data / ascertain:

— What was the Design Criteria for Tepco Refineries to be on the Coast of Japan / Did they have knowledge tidal pools would carry Contamination to US west coast borders and others / what was their Design criteria / who was involved / prove their knowledge of regular event Tsunami.

— What regulating Agencies were involved in the approving / the construction locations / corporate entities / What types of Certifications did Tepco Have?  

— Obtain complete list of inspections including documents falsified 

— Ditto with Nuclear Mishaps 

— What information did they have in conjunction with Scope of Devastation. 

— What actually caused the malfunction at Tepco Daiichi power plant / document any and all inspections before relighting additional Reactors / Document their Reactions to informations as far as Scope of Devastation.

— What was the Government of Japan’s involvement in all things / including communiques / trail of money/ etc.

— What was their intent in changing upper administration [Tepco].  

— Did any of the Tepco executives / associates / government entities related have family, relatives , friends have associates at Hiroshima/ Nagasaki injured by the Nuclear blasts.

— What transfers of money happened between Tepco, Japan and the United Nations / Additional information relate the Coincidence Locations of Devastation and Levels Match in intensity those responsible for the Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - Follow Contention / Nuke Regulating Agencies from bottom to Upper levels - what are their parameters of duty / complete list of reports / and causation for No Action and allowance of All Tepco’s Mayhem / Ditto Japanese Government / American Government / Any other responsible Regulating Protective Agency.  

—United Nations’ ties to International Nuke Lobbying Commissions / also Belgian Firm.




 In all of the past and current Record - of all type / research data / media news accounts / victim / medical accounts / etc. - in conjunction with the scope of damage of each and every nuclear incident - one fact stands clear - I don’t believe there is enough money in existence to actually reverse / restore / remediate / and remunerate for all the damage caused by unrequested Nuclear Incidents - as is particularly guaranteed in the constitution of the United States of America the Right to Life - that in that anyone wishing to perform with nuclear capabilities, aside from stringent requirements that they cannot have a nuclear incident - but additionally must be required to obtain insurance and bonding for the equivalent amount of damage capable of being inflicted for their operations. - using all existing data: Chernobyl / three mile island / New Hampshire / Fukushima / etc. / total support network / indisputable evidence must be used to formulate laws forcing entities to comply with the licensing and insurance insuring legislation.


  One of the jewels on the crown of scandinavia - naturalists in memorial could have accepted and stored hazardous wastes of the world / spent nuclear rods / and created cavernous facilities to let them enjoy their mass reactions - it is a proven fact one of the Earth’s mainstays of existence permanently damaging one of the vital recyclatory systems and affecting to the negative a resource which effects the entire world drastically - after existing data is compiled, an international lawsuit should be activated for damage and effect on the continued existence of the world for every citizen / every region affected - The Time is Through when Entities Feel They are Allowed To Take Their Part of The World and Destroy It for Profit Or Whatever Motives. - It is inherently obvious that the modules of the world work together to maintain the life - those entities functioning as if they fully have some inert right to destroy one of the integral and necessary modules to survival - must be shown clearly that the Earth belongs to All of Us, to have the inalienable Right to Life as they did before they began destroying the existence of it. - When Entities involve themselves in mass destruction and become indisputably aware of it they are responsible to correct the situation or face the consequences - it is now an accepted fact that the demise of the Polar Ice-caps will eventually cause the end to the population. 



  Following the American Campaign - efforts should be duplicated for offending facilities and accounting Countries each by each.


Note: Reference Additional Notes Section



This is the elogical and "Jafo" answer that came from the EPA - Note: They claim there is no evidence of Radiation, then they claim what evidence there is of radiation is low - possibly due to testing in Montana with a strong easterly wind - Reference. TLT (Timeline Tepco) in Anti-nuke/Enviro page. 


  Re: Case Against Intl. Nuclear Regulating Agencies and the TEPCO Fukushima Meltdown Events and Results - 
  Neglected their duties knowing the consequences to Multi-millions of people and the agencies that allowed this, that planned it like a board game are directly responsible for the torture of unaware People, affects to Animals, affects to Economy, Agriculture brining it to a desimated state from the predictable effects.
  After the exterminations in Russia/Nazi Germany, the world vowed not to allow this again - they have with no purpose or cause, except targeting of regions/people and their twisted thinking for genocide / envirocide / econocide, People who manipulated this (Fukushima)should equally be forced to exist in the same environment - face for the crimes - If their motive was population control - they should have started with themselves - my thoughts go out to the babies, sick, young people, working class losing their lives, watching their lives leave them a little at a time - all those who could not defend themselves and couldn't even figure out why - if there is any equality in the universe, those who orchestrated this will have to face each and everyone of those sould - justly they didn't know.
  Being Solution Oriented everyone would take a minute to review the Remediation Section (Consult E) - Practice It - Share It - Join Your Voice In A Mass Email Out / Text / Mail / Call Out And Let The Government Know We Have Rights And As Americans We Have Options, And We Know How to Support The People Who Are Supporting Our Lives.

Reference ADDITIONAL NOTES - Legal for Case Ag. Nuke Reg. Agencies and Legal Notes


Trailered Case U.N. 



Reference TLT (Timeline Tepco) and POG (Path of Genocide) under Anti-nuke/Enviro section (see Index/Projects menu) 


Reference Embargo Notice / News Info. on Toxic Imports (Embargo Section under projects)



The American Conservation and AntiLandfill Act


  The American Conservation and Anti-Landfill Act 

a) No products not passing testing process for durability - destined to disassemble back and become landfill in short time.


b) ULA - Products built in the USA must undergo a stringent ULA test - Products from import China and Mexico etc. Are allowed to answer testing free – endanger the lives of residence within the US and are sold without similar testing/ A violation of equal practice and protection under the law.


c) Toxicity - plastics and composites Materials are allowed to be sold/distributed in the US of compositions proven to be harmful or fatal to residents.  Results - plastics of inferior nature proven to have toxic residue - Ex. UDC Poisons / when heated creates poisonous gas - or when broken (from inferior manufacturing or quality) becomes a hazard / or chocking hazard in its current form / Lead Based Articles - Jewelry - Plates / boards / cups / cook ware / eating ware / and additional articles contain Lead / Lead paint / Lead based products or process or compositions proven to be harmful / fatal and cause retardation / other effects.

— With the levels of Radiation Now Disputed in Japan and Surrounding Areas

The Limitation of any products or articles entering American territory to ascertain they are documented and reliably to be tested for Nuclear Particles and Contaminants causing the effects (Ref. Radioactive Cars and Other Products Being Sold to Unsuspecting Americans and Other Countries).



  Since the dawn of Import/Export Tariffs have been the law, they ensure the domestic work base and thus the Right of Americans to obtain and maintain gainful employment - during the Bush and Clinton Administrations there was no allowance / respect for any existing Laws / the Intent of those Laws or the slightest concern of a ramification of the cessation of those laws — Activity was enacted according to Profit of Large Corporations, particularly those financially involved with the Administrations — In the exact Same Spirit that people in the well-to-do tax bracket pay almost Nothing, while those fortunate enough to work / paying the exorbitant cost to work, bear the Tax Brunt.  The End Result being now a lack of work opportunity as the former Administration on Employment / Statistics bear up — and close to $0.50 on the dollar leaving the country / aside from the Fact that this practice dis-enables the Same Americans from being able to Purchase those Products — Accepts the Pattern for Collapse from the Inside of America / The Syndrome is there to see / the Diversion of funds into Private Company (Hal-Burton) / The Allowance of Politicians Only to practice Insider Trading / Preferential Law and Practice in Every Aspect of the Well-to-do, while the Average American has stood by a-gasp / shocked at Each and every one of the affront.  A Lack of “Blood” to the American Economic circulatory System — and to add insult to injury — products being allowed in complete Violation of Equal Practice and Protection showing preference to foreign (and former competitors) and Low Quality Manufacturers / In addition a point well made, is against all policy, is funding to Communist Chinese Government which has blatantly and long-standing preached the violent down-throw of the United States of America — this time not from a friend of the Administration would be considered Seditious.  In a Severely Damaged America at the Working Class / Brick and Mortar economic level in doing so endanger the resumption and continuation of the American manufacturing and working contribution aspects of the American Economy and endanger its future / Like so many things it is symptomatic / a Symbol with gross effects to honest Americans and to the concept of investiture.  In addition, made a mockery of the phrase, “And Liberty and Justice for All…” / Established another weapon in the disenfranchise and demoralization of America — thus completing another weapon in Invasionary tactics.  The basis is a Communist country now controls the Product / Manufacturing standards of the United States of America, insulting / injuring / and endangering Americans.  A Review of the former Tariff Laws, their intent and purpose, will clearly outline their protective and actual basis with enforcement and the return to the practice and functioning of a renewable American-based Manufacturing practice and American recovery based in hard-product, not paper and favoritism /  A Mass CALL-OUT and DEMAND for Restoration of these Laws will assist in guaranteeing a Secure Economic Base / a Depletion of overwhelming Toxic Landfill to which every American is becoming a victim to / and an end in allowance of Foreign Entities to Victimize America - In that a Review of Deadly Products (dumping for $’s) -


  With informing people / making people aware / In teaching people that simply supporting the Vote to enact these methods in conjunction with legal action can restore an America of, for, and by the People.

Overall Political Reform


  We need a reconstitute movement - With the effects / result of the systemic breakdown - with the undeniable danger to the continuation of America a much more thorough comprehensive and expanded investigation into the Influence of the former Admin and currently declared dangerous to the existence and continuation of the precepts of America in actuality and criminal by the International Courts on several causes including Crimes against Humanity - Source must be isolated / identified / and every associate and accomplice / highway and avenue of the formers / every scene / contrivance / attempt and violation / every agency that has failed in / every entity and accomplice must be forthcoming in the cause of Depth / communications / directive / scenarios / intent / orders / even if this process is performed in confidentiality the failure to do so will as it is currently undermined the effectiveness of any existence in actuality of the Constitution of the United States of America / every single person and effort they have done to prevent such a devastating and thorough end to America / the systems of America / the People / the Network / the Resources (natural and developed) and the Very Concept of America as it is in its pure intent / It is Time to expose a root Problem - to eliminate and eradicate It - thoroughly / seriously / and to setup preventatives from any reoccurrence should there be an inkling of opportunity for America to survive.


  Does the phrase “equal protection and treatment under the law” have the slightest validity of any type anymore - How is it in a Nation created / sworn / guaranteed of for and by the People that corporate / private and special interest entities in the upper and top income revenue practice are allowed to pay less taxes - and a Dental assistant or a Manual Laborer - 

In the same method that these Political and Governmental Failures have come to exist, I.E. Making deals with special interest and corporate entities in exchange for immediate revenue, sacrificing the security / the basis and the true renewable recovery and continuation of America in precisely the same fashion - that a Secretary of State has accomplished what all the Communist / Seditious and Terrorist Nations have been unable to do - Hand Over The Land / Assets / Domestic Control / Decisionary Powers / Renewable and Expandable Income - In Regard to Key and Integral Businesses - Directly to Communist forces, openly / unashamed / unabashed / proposing the take-over / control / convergence and Death of the United States of America.


  At one point in Recent History - It was claimed that more jobs were necessary to be made available - following that came the closure of one of the main blocks in our Country’s Security - The Basis - And with it Multi-millions of Jobs / Regional Revenue / and with it Trickle-down Income and Revenue to the Government / It was claimed that displacement was beginning to become a National Problem - One with ramifications - following that came an order of new legislation to outlaw Motor-homes / RVs / Vehicles of that type within City Limits  -  Drastically increasing the displacement of Citizens unable to function in standard accommodations, however non-nuscense / minimally surviving and non-public entities, in their reclusive quarters / After the Deregulated formerly Soviet Union made public the fact that they had intended an Invasion of the United States of America minimally four times per month - but had opted not to actuate due to military bases / military presence and the belief that Firearms were the staple of the American Household - Predecessing the Decommission of our necessary military bases was the first time refusal of a President to continue the Cost of Living raise and modification of Benefits to allow a military that could survive - Maintain at least a financial self-sufficiency - pushing away uncountable millions of volunteer / military forces who knew that they could not have a life / maintain a family / afford to function - following that began the Nationwide press of Gun Control - To which whatever Communist factor roams freely within the US, enjoying its benefits and information, must be celebrating and disseminating the news Home to areas described in the Bible as “Magog and the Mindless Hordes”.   Aside from the allowance of Communist Intelligence “gatherers” to have “Complete and Special Classification to work in and steal American Development Nuclear Secrets - the Blatant Documented Preponderance of anti-sense / anti-security / Laws Inevitably designed to support the Declination Of Independence have been freely legislated as Simply As Quarters in a Gum ball Machine.  


  It is the minimal of decency / any sort of sense to correct errors as we continue in a State generally directed towards to continuation of the United States of America - the simple formation of a Committee to Review made up of Economists, with proven experience and success in maintenance / upgrading and improvement / Joint Members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America - with Combat / Administrative and Command Experience - Experienced Political Personnel with the same qualifications as the Economists / School Teachers / Academicians / Historians / with a comprehensive understanding of the economy and the history of the United States / with Software for Clear Research Documentation as to the true Motive / the Source / the Pathways / Effects and Results of Laws in conjunction with Current / Economic / Political / Social / Realistic And Actual Effects Of Those Laws, Should Easily Generate Parameters of Operation for Legislation to be passed as to the Durable Security / Prosperity and Welfare of the United States Laws to which Governing Forces / Politicians / Regulators / Legislators / Including the Administrations / Congress and Senate / Etc. (and Department Heads) would be forced to abide by within the Minimal Standards necessary not to endanger the United States of America - Common Sense should be one of the rules to which all legislation must fall under / Secondly, Anti-Carpet-Bagging Laws - Again with a Comprehensive Review of Motive and Recent History eliminating the Ability and/or Protencity for Entities to Assume Governmental Roles and Enact the type of Rifling / Misdirecting / The Restriction of Resources clearly  historically dedicated to the necessary preparation for assuming the responsibilities / the future maintenance of the United States - as in Training Resources specifically designed to allow future generations the necessary tooling for capability of assuming and performing in regulating positions / furthermore the negation of protective measures, such as Tariffs / Import Quality Control / The War On Drugs / Border Control - A Country Without Borders Is An Insult To The Militaries And The Efforts Of Those Who Have Contributed To Support The Domains Of The United States Of America - A Country without Borders is not a Country - it is a target waiting to be taken advantage of.  


  There are great deals of issues which need to be addressed - That Is No Secret - However With The Performance / The Results / The Effects / The Current State Of New Security / The Ease Of Ability For Some Entities To Perform Series Of Programs That Mock The Existence Of Democracy / Insult The Intelligence / Integrity / Existence / Intent / And The Efforts And Contributions Of Every Loyal American Supporter - Show Even To The Fullest Individual The Self Evident Requirement For Restoration / Modification And Maintenance Of Stopgaps - I Would Generally Recommend Supporting The American Recovery Housing Tract Program - As It Should Be Now Evidently Clear That Nothing Is Accomplished To The Prosperity And Actuality Of Our America Until An American Puts His Hands To A Switch Or Lever / A Tool / A Weapon Of Defense Or Makes A Purchase Or Works A File - The Problem Of Insulation Or The Ability Of Proud Politicians To Develop A Modified Thinking That The Good Of The Upper Economy Or The Profits And Prosperity Of Entities Only Within View Must Be Addressed Perhaps  A System Of Closer Contact With That Which Is America - The Planters / The  / The Transporters / The Workers / The Teachers / The Hungry Crowds Who For Some Reason Still Believe In America / The Children With Their Lemonade Stands / The Elderly Praying To Make It To And Survive Retirement / Those Who Are Just Now Attempting To Enter The Work-field / The Injured Who Gave Their All To Maintain It - Until The Concept Re-awakens That Therein On the Side Above and All Points In Between Lies America - A Minute To Consider A Vast Vacuum Without These People May Bring You To The Concept That Without Us There IS No America.


  As One of Uncountable Who Still Believe that With the Proper Opportunities / Programs / People “At the Wheels” That We Can All Get America Back on Track - Before It is Too Late.  

  Legal teams wanted / MLT - Monster Legal Teams to research existing laws history of monsters / provide due cause for shutdown limitations and chance for workers to own their own businesses again / for families to survive.  



Monsters Ch. 1


  People in internet companies do what they want, like running the government out - a Team to go after them - VIVA - People’s Lawyer team in Association with Scanner - Monster (MLT) Law Team go after companies:  

  Walmart, why did they regularly short their employees paychecks on month to month - they’re working people they need that to live - they’re probably allocating money to build new walmarts - the regular occurrence - when they moved into my backwoods area they walked around handing out notes / flyers to all the businesses - “hope you can run without $ for 6 months - we’re going to under-cut you - run you out of business and overcharge everyone when your gone - small shops / a hardware store there since the 50’s / a lot of small businesses - mountain run families paid their dues / sent their kids to school / kept their trucks running / South America, the farmers who kept their farms growing / milked the cows / hand making leather products / cups / tires / weaving and sewing fabric / sculptures - Walmart ran them out - they’ve been there for centuries - Thanks to NAFTA - Walmart is still there for who knows what the families are doing to survive let’s hope they don’t go to begging - only so many people can work for Walmart - maybe prostitution / or drug trade - 

  Chevron Refinery, Richmond, Ca - opened up a factory / gave workers almost nothing - little safety - they blew up a town and left-…


Monsters Ch. 2



Summary Legal Section

  In the efforts and activities involved in people’s lives that rarely individuals allowed to make such massive accomplishments with such simple and methodical efforts - in the same way that contamination and apparently corruption knows no boundaries - People taking time to research / using their intelligence to outline / inform / and file legal action not only saves their own lives - the future lines, but do so for every living thing on the face of the Earth.  In finding effectiveness on such a dural scale - here and everywhere not only means refusing to be a victim / ineffective, but also means that sometimes good actually does win and every accomplishment not only negates evil, but strikes one of note for even those who cannot defend themselves… it was once said that a society can be judged on how it treated its weakest link…

Legal Tada


- Find due cause and force Inspection / Documentation Report / Status South American Refugees.

- Investigate in detail exactly the activities / contact / bank records / financial Trail / meetings / results / of All Participants Involved in Fukushima Cover-up in Genocide / and associated illegal efforts.  

- Assist with full documentation violation of laws to repeal NAFTA.

-Research Entities with a reputation for hatred of pullotants / Nukes / who have a proclivity to support restorative behavior / Infom and Network with GRC.


- Examine all Budgetary laws (existing/former) and the intent behind.  Have every single itemized incident of violation of those laws by Bush / Clinton Admins— Dpts. / Programs were severely limited to a point of non-functioning because of rerouting of funds away from legislated funds - People without adequate minimal protection / Med / Food / etc. and they either suffered or died — breaking the intent of schools / scholarships / etc. is the proliferation of Children to be trained and take over maintenance positions of the United States of America - separate and threatens the continuation of America by cutting off the ability to supply trained personnel to “run” and take care of America at all echelons. 

EFFECT: Cataloging and documenting all the effects of the rerouting of funds - correlating with the Violation of Budgetary Laws and their Intent and giving Due Cause to Force an Audit of the Bush Administration at all practices / show authority to reroute budgetary funds. 



Teams wanted to develop International Minimal Child Provisionary Laws


Legislate International Child Minimal Provisional Law - with accompanying Indigenous Regional How-To and Enforcement.