Intro ARHT (American Recovery Housing Tract)


  Through unexpected Events labeled the “Bush Wacking” where the contest to ascertain who could break / bend / abuse the most Laws from framing Unconstitutional to Personal Rights/Logic / Inhuman Decency was won by the Former Administration who Blatantly without compunction attempted to do what no other nation / group of terrorists / tyrants / or plotters was able to do - Bring America close to the point of Breaking - the Result of Driving people from their Homes / Jobs / Lives into Destitution in the Streets with No Relief, to continue the abuse at every angle / cut off possibility of assistance by rerouting any funds available directly to Personal Interest / Left a huge gap in Domestic Control / American Circulatory Income / Trust in Government - the Birth Rate (which reached Zero for Americans) and any glint of a future or continuation of America as we knew it - the American Recovery Housing Tract is intended to repair all of those and Much More at a Grassroots Level - Rebuilding the Trust / Security / Future / Investiture / Ownership / Pride in and of America / Put people back in their homes, jobs, lives / reestablish some Security / Setup provisions to Prevent a Repeat of these Incidents.

Instructions ARHT


  In the Design Actuation of a multi faceted / zoned / purpose section of a city a large part of success lays in method organization and efficiency - beginning list of modules having a schematic to look at is extremely assistive running through the function of each module assigning someone to log the functions and systems / someone else, the personnel, someone else, materials and equipment and associated modules - then repeat process with all modules interacting, remembering the directive creating a user friendly living environment / eliminate all the main problems / then repeat process for interaction with surrounding external environment / eliminate the problems, then upgrade for maximum efficiency and directive which is to allow progress personal / business / scholastic / human / overall.

  Assign networking agent (scrounger) to contact and obtain promissory notes / letter in intents for all materials supplies - building associated / transportation / extraneous / Food / Fabric - encompassing (office supplies / list of auctions / discount services / tools / public works / DRMO - Military Surplus and Recycle / holding yards - train auction / public works / private works / (Government Assistance is imperative) - offering tax credit where necessary.

 Clearly outline the parameters of exchange in process of calculation be certain to include all contingency for construction and all associated miscellaneous cost including informational / temporary holding yards / equipment and facility areas for those involved / temp office and Housing.

  Calculate the number of units necessary to “pay back” the initial investment.

  Begin contact to calculations for equitizing the property for fabrication of factories - allow for indigenous hiring / prearrangement - application for former business owners - integral involvement - DO NOT omit any details in the calculations systems (including the cost of generation, dissemination, actuation of plans / systems / books.

  Develop infrastructure - in all aspects including but not limited to school systems / business / crime prevention / drug treatment / city council (always keeping in mind interaction with external regulating agencies I.E., Interaction with City / State / Federal agencies permit license / etc. 

   It is important Not to Miss a Trick / Economize / Utilize maximum efficiency / be certain that all functions take into account regulations / laws / rights / insurance / liability / etc. contingencies for all snafus / disasters / etc. 

   In the process setting up new PUCs / Recycling Services - It is imperative to set the standard of maximum recycling reutilization without running the risk of Contamination and its Effects.

  Develop a Realistic expansion plan with variable scenarios.

  Consult set meeting times with the Executive Director, it is his fort and will be able to be very assistive / remember one of the best abilities any PM has is successful delegation - many hands make for light work…

Summary ARHT


  The systems here work — it reverses the process of blatant victimization which is torching our Country at a working level / working is very important to the American survival - it is many of the threads to our particular fabric - along with the right to pursue a productive life - working in the fields, the offices, the kitchens / for children it is school and play / for parents it is for guaranteeing the future / for Americans it is for enjoying all that we do.  For removing people from their homes, to scattering them to the streets / for removing people from their jobs and for placing those jobs in the hands of others not invested in this Country / for taking their futures, their hopes and dreams / negating and discarding their efforts / stealing their investments in your honesty is another form of Genocide - displaying clearly motive, the type of deviant declinists who would cause this and the disintegration of the United States of America without hesitation / It is the American People who built, build, maintain, protect, and are America — Recovery / the Pursuit of Existence / and the Life that is America starts with the Housing Tract and continues right into time.