Political Injustice Reform

Intro for Governmental Repair


  It is no mystery that the former administration ransacked through the United States of American causing immeasurable numbers of people to become displaced / jobless / hopeless / force them into the streets / made it illegal to be there and then established final solution camps to which to scatter their ashes alone unknown in the dessert; forcing the closure of enumerous businesses offering to buy them back in an attempt of monopoly, rerouting necessary funds to every aspect of public / federal / state / local governments / driving the birth rate to zero and almost accomplishing what all the enemies of the US, Terrorists and Ill wishers have not been able to do - bring America to the brink of Disaster.


  Document It / starting with the timeline (detailed) document the "Declination of Independence", show the slow drift from America the Free to the victim of the One World Order floundering, running on paper economy, still controlled by the same corrupt Admin - Outline every violation at every level from city to international, including Constitutional / Give Due Cause working with Legal Division to force Audit, Return of resources, Prosecution of all violators, make politicians records public, call for their forced resignation / retirement / and recall by informing the Court of Public Opinion / Be Effective not a Victim / Help reestablish security for the US for everyone including our next Gen's - make a historical difference / setup new legislation (anti-carpet bagging law) / enforcements all without leaving your chair or campus.  


Reference: Contact Gunther Williams 510-478-2109 

   Reference TLT (Timeline Tepco) and POG (Path of Genocide) [See Anti-nuke/Environmentals section under Projects menu above] / and the TOG (Trail of Genocide) [see Research section under Projects button, where the Information-Editorial News Letter is] as some information on this.  
A Preview of Points to the
Documentation / Documentary of the
"Declination of Independence"


  It is no secret that the pathway - that the declination of the United States of America - your human and constitutional rights has been a slow dissent into hell - much of it manipulated.  


  It began decades ago: separating the classes with President Reagan - Some of the things to reference are the Bible that state ‘in the ending times the beast will make a deal with the beast with the sign of the beast on his head’ that Reagan did with Gorbachev - It continued little by little.  The Cold war being corrupted and used for aims towards putting America into Slavery / The Bush Wacking administration following 9-11 where everything was done under the guise of National Security - and all the money meant in our country for programs to continue America were taken for the use of dictators trying to enslave America - put them out of their houses - into the streets - making it illegal to be in the streets and then sent into Camps where they could be Euthanized - Genocide.



Quote: "And the pharaoh said take away their straw and double their quotum of bricks.


Any entity or agency that questions the people’s words “Though shalt not bind mouths of the weak”



  This documentary based with evidence / with exhibits / following a narrative - a Timeline which clearly outline Facts like the Voting machine, no longer owned by America, and how your rights have been slowly taken from you, - is more than just a Documentary.  With it should also accompany the Clear record of each of the Politicians involved / All Senators / Congressman / different Politicians / followed by a mass recall of these people / a forced retirement of others  / the mouse trapping of Congress where Congress felt they had the right in any form to Outline their own terms, to pass laws that they could give their own raises, to hire their own, to setup a central committee that all laws had to go through them, declaring themselves dictators; the Passing of NAFTA which has taken most jobs in America like manufacturing outside with the idiotic thinking that Americans would still have the money to be able to afford them / An Awakening came to these idiots when they finally realized what everyone knew: If you took away peoples’ right to work there wouldn’t be enough tax revenue left to even pay their salaries.  


  This program - Political Injustice Reform - Is more than a Documentary / it is a modem / an avenue / a way for everyone to get their country back.  Reading through Path of Genocide (POG) and Trail of Genocide (TOG) you begin to see the manipulation / the use of events utilizing the contamination - Radioactive Fuel being allowed to be pumped directly towards spots chosen by the former administration declared as Target Areas / Wastes of Life / Drains on the American Government - the Associations now clearly outlined with even Federal Employees of collusion between the old and current Administration.  Instead of being a hapless victim - with the power of the vote / with the power of Mass Emails / with the power of Recall / with the power of Information you can be an effective tool - Someone who has a right in say so of your life - you can be a Modem of Reconstitution.  


When is it that standing up to the American Standard became equivalent or compared to a Nazi? 

Overall Political Reform


  We need a reconstitute movement - With the effects / result of the systemic breakdown - with the undeniable danger to the continuation of America a much more thorough comprehensive and expanded investigation into the Influence of the former Admin and currently declared dangerous to the existence and continuation of the precepts of America in actuality and criminal by the International Courts on several causes including Crimes against Humanity - Source must be isolated / identified / and every associate and accomplice / highway and avenue of the formers / every scene / contrivance / attempt and violation / every agency that has failed in / every entity and accomplice must be forthcoming in the cause of Depth / communications / directive / scenarios / intent / orders / even if this process is performed in confidentiality the failure to do so will as it is currently undermined the effectiveness of any existence in actuality of the Constitution of the United States of America / every single person and effort they have done to prevent such a devastating and thorough end to America / the systems of America / the People / the Network / the Resources (natural and developed) and the Very Concept of America as it is in its pure intent / It is Time to expose a root Problem - to eliminate and eradicate It - thoroughly / seriously / and to setup preventatives from any reoccurrence should there be an inkling of opportunity for America to survive.


  Does the phrase “equal protection and treatment under the law” have the slightest validity of any type anymore - How is it in a Nation created / sworn / guaranteed of for and by the People that corporate / private and special interest entities in the upper and top income revenue practice are allowed to pay less taxes - and a Dental assistant or a Manual Laborer - 

In the same method that these Political and Governmental Failures have come to exist, I.E. Making deals with special interest and corporate entities in exchange for immediate revenue, sacrificing the security / the basis and the true renewable recovery and continuation of America in precisely the same fashion - that a Secretary of State has accomplished what all the Communist / Seditious and Terrorist Nations have been unable to do - Hand Over The Land / Assets / Domestic Control / Decisionary Powers / Renewable and Expandable Income - In Regard to Key and Integral Businesses - Directly to Communist forces, openly / unashamed / unabashed / proposing the take-over / control / convergence and Death of the United States of America.


  At one point in Recent History - It was claimed that more jobs were necessary to be made available - following that came the closure of one of the main blocks in our Country’s Security - The Basis - And with it Multi-millions of Jobs / Regional Revenue / and with it Trickle-down Income and Revenue to the Government / It was claimed that displacement was beginning to become a National Problem - One with ramifications - following that came an order of new legislation to outlaw Motor-homes / RVs / Vehicles of that type within City Limits  -  Drastically increasing the displacement of Citizens unable to function in standard accommodations, however non-nuscense / minimally surviving and non-public entities, in their reclusive quarters / After the Deregulated formerly Soviet Union made public the fact that they had intended an Invasion of the United States of America minimally four times per month - but had opted not to actuate due to military bases / military presence and the belief that Firearms were the staple of the American Household - Predecessing the Decommission of our necessary military bases was the first time refusal of a President to continue the Cost of Living raise and modification of Benefits to allow a military that could survive - Maintain at least a financial self-sufficiency - pushing away uncountable millions of volunteer / military forces who knew that they could not have a life / maintain a family / afford to function - following that began the Nationwide press of Gun Control - To which whatever Communist factor roams freely within the US, enjoying its benefits and information, must be celebrating and disseminating the news Home to areas described in the Bible as “Magog and the Mindless Hordes”.   Aside from the allowance of Communist Intelligence “gatherers” to have “Complete and Special Classification to work in and steal American Development Nuclear Secrets - the Blatant Documented Preponderance of anti-sense / anti-security / Laws Inevitably designed to support the Declination Of Independence have been freely legislated as Simply As Quarters in a Gum ball Machine.  


Quote: "And the pharaoh said take away their straw and double their quotum of bricks.


Any entity or agency that questions the people’s words “Though shalt not bind mouths of the weak”


  It is the minimal of decency / any sort of sense to correct errors as we continue in a State generally directed towards to continuation of the United States of America - the simple formation of a Committee to Review made up of Economists, with proven experience and success in maintenance / upgrading and improvement / Joint Members of the Armed Forces of the United States of America - with Combat / Administrative and Command Experience - Experienced Political Personnel with the same qualifications as the Economists / School Teachers / Academicians / Historians / with a comprehensive understanding of the economy and the history of the United States / with Software for Clear Research Documentation as to the true Motive / the Source / the Pathways / Effects and Results of Laws in conjunction with Current / Economic / Political / Social / Realistic And Actual Effects Of Those Laws, Should Easily Generate Parameters of Operation for Legislation to be passed as to the Durable Security / Prosperity and Welfare of the United States Laws to which Governing Forces / Politicians / Regulators / Legislators / Including the Administrations / Congress and Senate / Etc. (and Department Heads) would be forced to abide by within the Minimal Standards necessary not to endanger the United States of America - Common Sense should be one of the rules to which all legislation must fall under / Secondly, Anti-Carpet-Bagging Laws - Again with a Comprehensive Review of Motive and Recent History eliminating the Ability and/or Protencity for Entities to Assume Governmental Roles and Enact the type of Rifling / Misdirecting / The Restriction of Resources clearly  historically dedicated to the necessary preparation for assuming the responsibilities / the future maintenance of the United States - as in Training Resources specifically designed to allow future generations the necessary tooling for capability of assuming and performing in regulating positions / furthermore the negation of protective measures, such as Tariffs / Import Quality Control / The War On Drugs / Border Control - A Country Without Borders Is An Insult To The Militaries And The Efforts Of Those Who Have Contributed To Support The Domains Of The United States Of America - A Country without Borders is not a Country - it is a target waiting to be taken advantage of.  


  There are great deals of issues which need to be addressed - That Is No Secret - However With The Performance / The Results / The Effects / The Current State Of New Security / The Ease Of Ability For Some Entities To Perform Series Of Programs That Mock The Existence Of Democracy / Insult The Intelligence / Integrity / Existence / Intent / And The Efforts And Contributions Of Every Loyal American Supporter - Show Even To The Fullest Individual The Self Evident Requirement For Restoration / Modification And Maintenance Of Stopgaps - I Would Generally Recommend Supporting The American Recovery Housing Tract Program - As It Should Be Now Evidently Clear That Nothing Is Accomplished To The Prosperity And Actuality Of Our America Until An American Puts His Hands To A Switch Or Lever / A Tool / A Weapon Of Defense Or Makes A Purchase Or Works A File - The Problem Of Insulation Or The Ability Of Proud Politicians To Develop A Modified Thinking That The Good Of The Upper Economy Or The Profits And Prosperity Of Entities Only Within View Must Be Addressed Perhaps  A System Of Closer Contact With That Which Is America - The Planters / The  / The Transporters / The Workers / The Teachers / The Hungry Crowds Who For Some Reason Still Believe In America / The Children With Their Lemonade Stands / The Elderly Praying To Make It To And Survive Retirement / Those Who Are Just Now Attempting To Enter The Work-field / The Injured Who Gave Their All To Maintain It - Until The Concept Re-awakens That Therein On the Side Above and All Points In Between Lies America - A Minute To Consider A Vast Vacuum Without These People May Bring You To The Concept That Without Us There IS No America.


  As One of Uncountable Who Still Believe that With the Proper Opportunities / Programs / People “At the Wheels” That We Can All Get America Back on Track - Before It is Too Late.  

   In the process of  Agencial functions of the United States of America / there is a minimum of Effectiveness of Reactions of results / at least in the  resulting solution — Unemployment agencies not giving Civl Benefits to those who earned it — /  / People who work being defrauded / Police Brutality / Medical cases handled wrong - A Software should be developed - Average Points hit in each Process - Time and Resolve - Scenarios for Alternatives - In Cases that do not matchup overtime / etc. - text Audited - analyzed for key mistakes - when kicked - out - human interaction for Resolve - there is a syndrome of Anti-care / Anti-effectiveness and a Tendency of Agencies to blatantly attempt to bull-dog Clients - It Must End - These Agencies Are Made For The People - Agencies Must Work - The systemic failure of some Government agencies is a syndrome - the cause is the same Attitude / Policies from a higher level - it is due to the Bush-wacking Era and A Lack of Funds / Caring or Consequences is the cause - It needs to be Rectified - Tried / Isolated Post-investigation And The Cause Made Public - It’s Part Of The Overall Solutions. 


   We need a investigatory and reform movement to protect and enforce the system of checks and balances - Watchdogs should be setup through-out the government.

Additionals Section



   Everyone knows / everyone agrees - the problems are obvious yet the general consensus is “what can someone do about it” - and that is, if we sit together there’s little that the American people cannot accomplish.


  Politicians need to be made aware that people who don't talk / dress / act like them, in the practice of their lives are partially responsible for their regional contributions, not in Theory but in Actuality of the United States of America. 


  If nuclear power is allowed to complete its cycle - there will be no life left, not a living cell on the Earth.




Planned Path Of Destruction (PPOD)


  After The Deregulation Of Russia / It Was Clearly Announced That The Country Had Planned On Attacking America An Average Of Four Times A Month–Except They Believed That Americans Had Guns –Following That Began A Chain Of Gun Control Across The Country – That Was Swift And Enforced / Following That A Man Who Was Known As President Decommissioned The Bases In The United States Of America Who Film Showed Attending Communist Meetings In Russia And Communist China / He It Is Rumored Had Signed Pacts With Them / The Distance Is 36 Miles From The Country Of Russia To The State Of Alaska In The Summer - 26 In The Winter Across The Bering Strait / The Same Man Began A Campaign In Making It Unattractive To Be In The Military - Refusing To Give A Cost-of-Living Raise To The Troops For The First Time Since The Inception Of Need For The Practice – Soon Those Below Cpl. / The Families Were Eligible For Food Stamps And Welfare – Benefits Were Cut And Decorated Officers Retired Below Ranks Formerly Established / The Same Man Began Selling Citizenships By The Million – Collecting Money On Camera In The White House And Illegally In The Oval Office… He Then Approved Personally Clearance For Attáches To Have Access And Work In Experimental Nuclear Research Facilities - Attáches Listed In Int. Who’s Who For Intelligence Gathers - On Being Caught Taking/Removing Classified Info From The Fac’s They Were Allowed To Leave / Board Planes And Exit The Country With Information / The Only Person Tried - An Asian American Found Innocent Of All Charges - The Process Was Followed By His Wife - Selling Large Amounts Of Assets (American) To The Communist Chinese - Initially Communications And Other Vital Sources / The Following Admin Had Stationed 30 Out Of 33 Battalions Outside The Country / Clustered In Rows / Increased Their Rotation Points And Then Upgraded The Bankruptcy Laws To Make It Nearly Impossible For The Average Person To Complete / In Doing So Many Soldiers Were Left - Divorced - Reservist And Nat. Guard Without A Job - Destitute - Displaced And Unable To Afford To Keep Their Lives At Home In Tact And Had Nothing To Come Back To - Many “Hit The Skids” / The Same Admin Began Keeping In Forum In Redirecting Benefits And Not Supplying Those Earned - Even To Those Permanently Disabled In Action - VA’s Saw Cuts And With The Final Solution Camps - Many Were Euthanized As Expenses And Problems - The Troops Were Continued To Remain Outside The Borders Of The US - The Next Administration Continued The Policy And Has Continued Running The Country On Paper $ - That Same Imitation Of A President Has Admitted To Belonging To A Temple (Muslim) Proposing The Violent Downfall Of America / Photographed Still Wearing A Ring Announcing “There Is No God But Allah”.  Some Of The Primary Strategic Moves Of An Invading Force Are To Flood The Country Of Adversary With Counterfeit $  / Gain Control Of Communications / The Next To Begin Propaganda / This Process Has Been Simplified With The Sale Of Communications Enabling Indoctrination Of Impressionable Minds With Communists’ Propaganda / Another Is To Demoralize The Country - Accomplished By The Former Admin - Ref. Birth Rate Americans - 0 / Unemployment Rate Lower Than The Depression / Displaced Rate With Robber-baron Activity Of The Banks - Jobs Being Outsourced To Other Countries (Against Policy) NAFTA Or Given Blatantly In The Face Of Loyal Americans To Non-citizens Allowed And Encouraged To / Work / Live / Drive / Collect $’s From Social Services Earned By Americans All Uninsured - Undocumented / Illegally - Demoralizing And Partially Alienating The Most Devout Americans - Currently - The Russian Gov’t Is And Has Been Lobbying Asia - Communist China And Muslim Countries To Invade America - The Problems Baring The Security - Making Vulnerable The United States Of America To Seditious Communist Dangerous And Entities Sworn To The Downfall Of America Is A Genuine Threat - It Continues With Nuclear Fuel Being Allowed To Gather / En Mass / In Regions Of The USA And Particularly Coastal Regions - With The Damage To The Genetic Code - Assurance Has Been Made Of Ineffective And Nonfunctioning Offspring Continuing The Line Of Incapable Personnel Forever From These Regions.

  Regions With Access To The Slavic Nations - Continuing With Pollutants - Attacks And Planned Obsolescense In Food And Related Sources - The Abundance Of Sugar In Foods - Causing Diabetes / Salt - High Blood Pressure — Weakening The Country - Who Is Manipulating This Orchestrated Process?  That Is Self-evident — Why?  That Is For The Majority Not Imperative - The Fact Is It Has Occurred / Is Occurring And Has Setup America For Invasion - Enslavement - Destruction. 


  It Must Be Reversed - The Fact Is America Has Been Made Vulnerable And Must Be Shored-up - A Cohesive Plan For Recovering The Bases - Reseting The Defense Systems For Protection Against Invasion / A National Security Sweep Must Be Instigated And Members Of The Communist Party Apprehended And Segregated / With A Small Contingency Allowed To Operate For Communication And Info Gathering Sake / A Thorough And Intense Investigation Of Those In Or Associated With The Gov’t Facilitating A Weakness Or Invasion Propensity With Full Disclosure / Documentation - Enforcement And Watch-Agencies Setup To Prevent Reoccurrence Of Happenings To Prevent The Propensity Of Dangerous Measures From Being Enacted And Duplicating The Threats To The US / Perhaps A Scenario Entity In Conjunction With Watchdogs To Foresee The Mergings Of Special Interests In Gov’t In Regards To Harmful Activity / The Troops Must Be Returned After A Well Surveyed Well Planned “Blitz Krieg” / Forcing The Aggressor To Pay For Reconstruction / Minimal Services Setup To Ensure Education From All American Standpoint / Indigenous Collateral Damage And Casualties / Relief / Restoration / Replacement / Redevelopment Of Target Areas Are Required To Be Mapped Out And Accelerated Efforts Stepped Up.


  The Isolation / Identification / Documentation / Prosecution Of Culpable Parties Daring To Carry Out The Type Of Actions That Has Been Accomplished On A Clandestine Level Needs To Be Activated Immediately With Proper Response / Preventatives Set Into Place To Avoid Future Incidence.  The Systems Of Checks And Balances Needs To Be Investigated / Regenerated / With Additional Preventative Systems Set Into Place In Conjunction To Assure No Repeat Systemic Failures / Breakdowns.  A Better System Of Communications / Multi-lateral Through Governmental Agencies With A Strong Patriotic Governing Force To Watch Over The Processes / Immediate Economic Procedures Need To Be Instituted - And Reverse The Effects / Policies Of Paper Money.  The Existence Of The Department Of The Treasury / Homeland Security / Other Vital Departments Needs To Be Reinvested With A Secure And Guaranteed Future / The Overall Benefit Of America / Particularly In Long Reaching Effects Needs To Be Considered In ALL Moves / With The Effects Of The Last Administration Clearly And Fully Outlined - The Depth Of Danger Should Be Made Aware To ALL Of The American People - The End Result Should Be Made Clear And The Proximity To The Decimation Of The US In Conjunction With - It Is A Fool Who Does Not Learn By Their Own Mistakes In The Past - It Is Much Worse When The Situations Are Serious / And The Stakes As Important / The Level Of Relevance Elevated / And It Is For Those Destined To Live In Pathos Who Do Not Utilize Their Abilities To Prevent Disasters.  


— We Have Seen Many Attacks From Multiple Aspects - 

A) — We Have Seen The Multiple Attacks By The Past Administration - A Choreographed Maneuver To De-seat The Grassroots Americans From Their Homes In A Spiral To Vehicles / Laws Prohibiting To Streets / Jails / From Jails To Death-camps - Targeting Vets Particularly As They Have The Training To Survive - Many The Ability To View And The Wherewithal To Resist / Removing Whatever Possible Aid / Utilizing Any And All Agencies Against - Accompanied By An Amnesty For A Complete Migration Of All Rights / Services / Finances (Including Social) To A Class Of People Solely In America To Ransack - The Maneuver Was Successful In More Than One Aspect Accomplishing Demoralization - Instilling A Feeling Of Helplessness As An Invading Force Attempts To Do - This Atmosphere Primed This Condition / Created The Perfect Environment To Further Victimize The Peoples Of Some Regions With Whatever Catastrophic Attack The Assailant Desired To Produce Next.

—Suffice It To Say That It Was A Choreographed Maneuver Of Ill Intent Designed To Cause A Destruction To A Great Deal Of The USA.  



B) — We Have Seen The Advent Of More Than Partial Success Of Genocide By Radioactive Contamination / The Near Total Destruction Of Millions Of Acres Along With The Cultures That Reside There / Planned Invasion Among These / Attempts By Potable Saturation / Attempts By Ignition (Electromagnetic Testing Guns) / — Whatever Entity Has Designed The Waves Of Genocide In The Guise Of Population Control Has Moved / Been Slightly Checked / Moved / Checked Again / Has Moved Again - The Level Of Directives / Contrivance / Ignorance (Or Rather Death Of Depravity) Can Not Be Underestimated For Blatancy / Disrespect / Ignorance Or Length Of Depraved Attempt / From The Direction And Manipulation Of Deadly Radioactivity To The Contamination Of Water Sources To The Out Right Inoculations Of The Future Generations Of America In Concert. 

  1) We See The Lengths To Which This Group Will Go With The Directed Delivery Of Over 800 Tons A Day Of Radioactive Fuel To Target Areas – The Refusal Of TEPCO Daiichi To Accept Decontamination / Regulators To Do One Thing About Their Processes / The Sequence Of The Reactors Lit / The Pumping Of Their Pile Directly To Us / The Cooperation Of The United Nations.

  2) Their Ignorance And That They Felt Immune To The Effects – Now The Oceans Here Are Devoid 98% Of All Important Organisms – What Is Left Including Agriculture Is Either Infected /Cancerous Or Both – The Thought Of The “Bad Apple Theory” Did Not Enter Or Was Ignored By Their Deficient Brains – In Now Causing A Deadly Weather-Front Accumulatively Larger Than The US The Contributions Of Oxygen From Those Same Organisms - With Oxygen And Water Already In Trouble With The Snowball Effect - Is Now Becoming Extinct  / The Loss Of Contributions - In Conjunction With The Drastic Temperature Raise Of The Pacific Ocean.

  3) With The West Coast Regions No Longer A Major Contributor Of Agriculture/Fish/Etc. To The World - Texas Is Becoming A Temporary Agriculture Center – Further Showing Contrivance In The Unbelievable Mealing Nature Of This Opponent.

     —In The Alinement Of Multiple Governmental / Intercontinental Agencies Being Utilized To Deploy This Plan - Covert Battle Attack - Many Of The Entity Have Identified Themselves As Well As Outlined A Clear Path Of Positive Action With Due Cause Against The Guilty - 

    — I Have Often Wondered At The Allowance Of Covert Attacks - In That They Are Not Stones They Are Not Dealt With Often Times As Actively As Military Force.

  4) With The Attempts To Saturate Directly The Public - Desalination Plants Possibly Checked / The Attempts To Ignite This Regional Pile With Nuclear Electromagnetic Testing Sites And The Attempts To Saturate The Regions By Potable Resource In Desalination Plants - Both 14 In Number Possibly Checked. 

— As A Note Camp Pendleton, California And Surrounding Areas Are Destined To Be One Of The Plant Locations - Where Are The Future Marines Going To Come From -

—As It Is An Incident On A Nuclear Facility Can Be Globally Devastating - Each And Every Facility Has The Ability To Drastically Effect Many Regions Rapidly And With The Nature Of Nuclear Capacity Seriously Threaten Existing Life - In This Circumstance It Is Much Worst Because The Powder Kegs Now Cover The Coastal Regions Inland And Out - For Those Of Us Who Know - We Feel A Slight Glimmer Of Hope That Destruction Has Now Back Stepped One Step. 



C)  Further Attempts Of More Than Partially Successful Underground Poisoning / Next We See The Poisoning Of Underground Water Sources And The Closure Of Many Regions Of The Grassroots People /.  

— The Mode Of Transfer And Delivery Noticed And Reported As Covert As It Is - 

— It Has Long Been My Contention That The Reservoirs Of The United States Should Be Safely Guarded As In A Single Well Choreographed Attack Could Cause The Paralysis Of An Entire Nation / It Is With Inertly Evil Intent That Some Entity Has Found Means Of Utilizing All Water As A Conversion To Weapon.



D) Now We See A Law Forced To Mandate The Acceptance Of Purportedly Protective Inoculations – To Ensure The Direct Delivery Of Everyone - American - Constitutional Rights - Freedom Of Religion Have Been Completely Disregarded - Canceled To Disallow Any Exemption From Taking The Shots - California Was The First To Sign Away Those Rights - Now Attempting To Make Them Mandatory For Not Just Children But Everyone - Be Assured For Example The Sikh Are Not Only Allowed Their Religious Exemptions But Also To Carry Concealed Weapons As Part Of Their Constitutional Religious Rights - The Source Easily Traceable – Containing Mercury / Other Toxic Substances Guaranteed To Render The Future Generations On Short Probably Useless Lifespans And The Inability To Procreate – Produce Viable Children – Who Will Man The Walls At GITMO Bay /The Power Stations / Radio /Teaching Posts / Every Accounting/Administrative Post / From The Private Sector To Top Admin / Who Will Pilot The Boats / Make The Burgers / Pull The Plow / Produce And Sell The Cars? - I Believe That With The Current Policies It Will Not Be Difficult To Guess Who Eventually The COS / Future Governors And People Capable Of Making Decisions Will Be - With The Proven Effects Of The Ingredients Of The Inoculations - Typical Symptoms Of Mercury Poisoning - Limitations In Repopulation / Autism - The Future Vital Integral Personnel Will Have To Be Foreign As Only Foreign Nationals Or Undocumented Entities Are Not Required To Have Their Family Lines Extinguished In The Best Tradition Of The Napoleonic Effect  - “And The King Sent Out A Decree That All Firstborn Males Of The Population Be Put To Death - That A Census Would Take Place And All Would Have To Register” - Perhaps The Release Of Free Phones To Those Under A Certain Economic Level And Forced Socialized Medicine With Penalties For Noncompliance Would Guarantee A Good Census And Definite Access To Not Only The Firstborn But All Born Of American Citizens And Residents.  Rescinding What So Many Have Guaranteed Through The Ages At Such A Cost / Have In The Process Clearly Showed You The Value Of Your Life And Additionally Practiced A Clear Violation Of Equal Practice And Protection Under The Law (Selective Breeding). 

 Reference Supporting Documentation 

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bm36yVdmEnA

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh-5EY1ne5k

- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj66zIIDV6k



— I Believe The Question Was Answered Into What Attempt Would Be Next -

— We Now Know What The Last Few Are - What Can We Expect In The Near Future - Manufactured Earthquakes? 


  It Is A Fortunate State When There Is Still Opportunity To Be Able To Accomplish Solutions So Historically Important Before In Actuality It Is Too Late.


The cure is: we need to start having American Culture Conventions - bands coming in with Jazz / Blues / Soul / Gospel / Country / Bluegrass / Delta / Mountain / a lot of the different musics that are ours / There needs to be an increase in National security - the nat. guards should not be in other countries making Halburton rich / they should be protecting our borders -

Work with businesses who are not towards destroying America - 

- Creating Councils that need to do a sweep of the nation - people not citizens proven to be american - buy homes / invest / raise families are part of America need to be invited and assisted in getting citizenship - people proven to be carpet baggers need to be taxed / penalized for scamming the social service systems with their old ladies / taxes / retroactive fines / send money back that was send out to bad places / anyone selling drugs should be prevented from ever doing so again - 


Domestic control laws: Certain % of houses / businesses under control of American Citizens


People need to insist on: this is an American country and the people here - their families have contributed to this country for a very long time - we Demand when we go through our country we want to be able to talk to different businesses in our own language - the american language.  

And Nobody comes to this country from another being denied when they ask for a cup of water or to use a restroom in America.


When enough complaints come in from someplace - E.G. store threatens children to buy something or they cannot leave / - Threatening Americans if they feel they are invading the territory that they just claimed


We need a complete Environmental Health Check - on Trucks / mobile coaches - all foreign owned businesses - 


? How can people with no education / background / money - can come to this country and in a matter of weeks buy a business. 


what needs to happen

Statements and Awareness that: People who come here need to practice american standard - go through background checks 

Communists blatantly propane the eradication of America and yet they are allowed to come here / multiply / congregate and plot / gain domestic control / influence economy / 

- need to start putting in complaints from name and address to DHS  - sep. computers that don’t let much info out - after certain number of complaints - they investigate and throw them out of the country their not allowed back.


An equal number of victims of tyranny should be allowed to come here - proven that they want to become American.


-- we need anti monopoly laws /anti-trust laws