Education Section

1) A system of Educational Programs Filmed / with accompanying reading material / instructural - manuals - training film for instructions / seperate for students in Hygene - all types / Categories - methods of Hygene Prone to instruct in every moethods to prevent Diseases - Hepatitus C, etc. / Arranging by Region using Cultural Proclivity integrated in training - Children Abused - specialized on Rape and Batter cases / Children of Addicts / criminals / orphans / specialized by Region / S. America / Africa / Asia / Europe / America / Training many regions in Avoiding Drugs / Criminal life / Prositution (in conjunction with Mission JNBA - See Shelter/JNBA) / other problems / - Programs in the use of Scholarships / Pells etc. / - A film called A Day In The Life Of shows anybody that they can do something - Motto: Walk away from crime - Have a Life.



   In each case make a model of a client A, B, AND C going through the program (Shelter/JNBA) from start to finish - Collecting information on necessities / contingencies / alternatives - 


Trade / Training Certification and OJT (On Job Training) Formats  


Teams wanted to develop International Minimal Child Provisionary Laws


Legislate International Child Minimal Provisional Law - with accompanying Indigenous Regional How-To and Enforcement.



Actuate Minimal Child Protection Laws (MCPLs) in DSSO Programs

   - Sex Education mandatory - Birth Control education and use.

- China: setup different retirement system

   - Orphanages

- Africa: teaching indigenous services

   - Sanitation / water / lights / toilets.

   - Sentry - complete understanding how to utilize it - create electricity / use as tool for building / constructing / community centers / use sentry for mill / transport water with it to areas that do not have access to water.

- Training films for Peace corps workers and teaching systems Indigenous: belts / grind wheat / 

- Teaching how to make purified water / sanitation / prep for special events everyday /

- 75 gallon Sentry designs 


with the production of an Indi-mill first comes sanitary services / second, potable water service, third, a community center run on wind or passive power, utilizing car generators and lights / working as a meeting place / governmental office / school / infirmary / shelter

 FILM Section


   The importance of the education Section cannot be stressed - one of the most affectatious additives to world problems stems from the lack of opportunity of education and options / the actual formation / generation of training programs to be used in training en-masse, instructors / workers / participants / members of existing and future 501c3s to Teach methods of improvement in all fields / levels and categories (such as instructions for outreach / Peace Corps and Others In showing indigenous septic systems, is beyond invaluable - made as a part of the culture will improve regions forever / exact curriculum / studies / course content / Schedules / materials / instructionals will give the actual tools to hundreds-of-millions to get opportunities that allow for advancement / survival without compromise.  The lengths to which some peoples’ in depressed areas will go to get education is incredible.



List of different categories of Films for education / course study:  

-  A myriad of films to assist educational department in all training / special. 

-  A Special Training course for On Eyes Open for future candidates / instructors / for participants (staff) in GRC and related programs.

-  DTP (Training Program) Films In Film Department

-  Results and Consequences of Prostitution 


Films that change the world - 


A Day In the Life Of - shows anybody that they can do something - A Day In The Life Of will be a gamit of interviews with working people of every trade / occupation going through their daily grind / covering basic question like: What is it like to start your morning as ___(Job Title)___ / Hows the Schedule / What were the Prerequisites? / What are the Benefits? / Is there time for Hobbies / Family? / All for Educational purposes to show clients of Shelter / DSSO/JNBA/JNBA-M the myriad of Opportunities in all Careers existent. 

 The Motto is: Walk away from crime - Have a Life 


  Indigenous Building Training Films - watch every backwoods village become a self sufficient community / and diseases disappear from the aquifers of the world.  To show and use as instruction in communities (3rd world and others) for building Indigenous Potable-Water Systems / Septic Systems / Building / Constructing all from Indigenous materials and resulting in inter-dependant communities restimulating Trade / Economy from Indigenous product made from same building methods / The Health of the Community rising from Septic Upgrade and Potable Water access.



Reference Documentary 2b section and Political Injustice Reform (PIR) for an outline of another documentary we call "The Declination of Indipendance


Information Section


  The populous of Several Continents are not only at risk but are being massacred - every Cell / Module / Entity / Association - Teams are needed / Individuals with the Directive to assure with top level priority that all people are being treated with an encompassing remediation or are being made aware of the options / benefits of Remediation.