Intro to Embargo


  Who’s getting paid to kill you? - Dumping for $’s - Cars / Electronics / silver ware / toys could not come to this country known to be deadly / Radiated - Granite counters killing Americans / Asians / Europeans / Other countries without someone being paid off to allow this - your life may have value but to them you’re worthless - you, your family line, or what you could contribute all mean less to them than if you were a chicken being sentenced to slaughter - as long as they’re being paid properly they will allow you to put radiated cell phones to your head / drive in radiated cars / eat and cook with radiated utensils - eat radiated sea-food and seaweed - and let your children play with radioactive toys - not upset?  You’re Not Informed. 

Embargo Narrative

- American Conservation/Anti-Landfill Act

  On behalf of the peoples of United States of America we are adamantly demanding/ showing due cause for the installation of laws prohibiting the allowance of entry of any contaminated/dangerous modules or entities to our country.

As a precursor:

(See TEPCO timeline and the documentation with it, reference AN/E section)


  With ample/deadly accurate/ engine over well-meaning preponderance of evidence documented/ Documentation Research Data / Accounts - Verbal / written / Visual - Film / media accounts and Records / Agencies Data logged / Published / Released / Event and related events with Results / Expert and Professional Data / Info / Scientific Cause/Effect / Record / Preparations / Actuality and Patterns and other info All Documented / Verified.  There  has been proven a clear and present / eminent and apocalyptic effect (Results)of Radioactivity and Radioactive/Toxic Products in proximity or contact with biological life within the Border of the US of A…


Sources: EPA / NOAA / CDCP / Public Health / Hazmat / CUPA / Congressional Watch / China / Korea / Governmental / Scientific Land Research Ag. / Government US, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada, / Media Agn’s. too numerous to account / International Journal of Health (with associated sources) / International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear Wars (In conjunct. with their thousands of members and research Facts) / Helen Caldicott / Dr. John W. Apsley (Future Effects to Gen’s Fukushima Meltdown) / Dr. Isaac Elias (Santa Rosa) / American Cancer Society and Other Sources too numerous to mention.

These have established well more than a Circumstantial or Prima-facie Case.


  The results of the constant flow of Radioactivity has no contradictory Arguments of as to it’s Deadly Nature or Results.  As it stands presently not even the delivery of ocean liner sized vehicles could deliver the load existing on the West Coast; as delivering “runs” night and day for the past 4 years.  From source to stockpile / delivery to results there are no legitimate or valid disputes (even for TEPCO) as to the cause or to the effects — in regards to research one specific group has located documented the source flow levels amounts results – delivery variables and amounts the results.  With the overwhelming stock piles already in Place the results devastating in all bio-life including water / agriculture / wild and Human - It would be an act of assistance to Genocide - an Acceleration of devastation on the Peoples and Land of the USA to allow one more Contaminated module to be added to the present condition.


  For several reasons these laws should be enacted immediately and with upgrades to existing laws and procedures.

1) It has been Established that the existing Presence of the contamination is apocalyptic and genocidal.

2) The combined affect or compilation with additional of any volumes or levels will add to the amount of Radiation present / Apocalyptic effect and endanger the Peoples / Environment / Survival and recovery of the USA.

3) The Japanese / Chinese export these products / subcontract one to the other / now Government has shown a marked Disregard / Depraved Indifference / Active intent in the Destruction of the United States of America / the Destruction of its Biological life / its Survival and all life.

  b) The above entities have with full knowledge / intent actively continued / Planned and Activated / Performed acts of mayhem / poisoning / threatening / contaminating / and causing to be put into contact of dangerous Radioactivity the People / Environment / all elements and bio-life of same.

  c) that they have not been exporting / selling radioactive metals / cars and vehicles / car parts and accessories / tools of all fields and Classification / home improvement modules / electronics / jewelry (particularly children’s) Toys products of all types.

   d) with knowledge of the fact that discovery leads to Prohibition - they have continued by mislabeling of modules products to mislead consumers from Discovering the Origin and the Deadly nature of the products - showing clear and Irrefutable proof of Knowledge of the Effects.

   e) that they have refused to Return the Products upon Discovery of Radioactivity / Reimburse or take Responsibility - even the Minimal Decontamination before Delivering or After the Sales Delivery Process - 

   f) that they have purposely failed to Alert People of the Dangers of the Products or Disclose the nature of Dangers/Effect / or history of.

4) Because of the reports and Documented failure / obsolete nature and uselessness of the current Restrictions and danger monitoring devices from Entry of dangerous Products / the Protective Services upto /including but not limited to Homeland Security / The Food and Drug Administration / US Customs and Border Protection / the EPA / ICE / Consumer Product Safety Commission / Food Safety and Inspection Service / National Marine Fisheries Service or any other Protective Agency - The Assurance of the slightest radiation cannot be ascertained until the Complete Ban on Affected Products from the Contaminated Regions / or the slightest of Items from Entering the US.

5) Because of the Complete breakdown of all Protective Agencies / enforcement of Laws relating to / Procedures / Notifications - Documentation / Regulations / remediation / Gov’t / Watchdog entities / monitoring entities / medical / warning / alerting process / and systems in the United States. 

Note: Reference Results / actual policies / the process / legislation / enforcement / enactment / Doc verifications / publications / assurance of abatement at all levels be Delegated to an entity or agency that has Proven Capable - Adherent to the necessary / laws according to the mission of survival of the United States, it's peoples and contents, to act as command in all aspects of the proceedings providing up to including but not limited to the cleanup– Abatement - escalation of decontamination and destruction (restocking) of the modules, their source interrelated existence to assure no reoccurrence.


6) because of the offending party TEPCO has shown clear and present proof of intent of destruction of the United States of America / murder / attempted murder / Mass murder / genocide / torture;  the urgency for laws or measurements prevent the incidence of any kind like this are mandatory.


7) The additional modules or modules of delivery require prohibition - prohibition in Transports / ships / boats / planes / airliners / ocean liners / private or government / Construction equipment / all craft ocean / water / air or land leisure / business - commercial / All Ports of Entry should be equipped to automatically turn - refuse entrance of not a single article of entry from Areas of Affectation - Areas of Affectation should be clearly outlined: Articles / modules / transports / Equipment or Personnel / Levels of affectation should be researched - entities showing the slightest sign of Contamination not allowed within or Near the Border.  

   b) All measuring and testing equipment should be up-graded to current no Tolerance level Discovery levels.

   c) No food source fish / meat / Dairy or any other should be allowed to Come into the Border from the Point of Passage.

8) There needs to be Complete Disclosure of the Entity causing a Stop to the Protective efforts - 

   b) ‘ ‘ As to the Motives.

   c) As to the Chain of Halts / Communications / Logs / Dates / Contents and Publishing.

   d) An accounting for all of the Above.

   e) Appropriate Action taken against all of the offenders.

    f) Systems setup to Replace the existing/obsolete system.

   g) A Documentary of the Entire Process and the Loss and Dangers with Graphic Evidence.

   h) The inclusion of Bush’s Elimination Plan / FEMA Concentration Camps / A Correlation of all —

    i) Change in the thinking Patterns and Process.

    j) A Report on the entire Process with Record.  2) Watchdogs Agency setup to avoid a reoccurrence.  


Summary:  It is Evident that with Systemic Failure a complete lack of Protection procedures - an allowance of Deadly contaminants to collect - Freely enter - force exposure upon the Natural People, the necessary indigenous and expanded modules of the US - the Conglomeration of Toxins / variables - effects Dangers unchecked - the continued manipulation and Circumstance of moves / decisions / and lack of leading to actual Genocide - the Duty of Protecting / Ensuring Survival, let alone a quality of life - restoration of our very factors necessary for life must Be Delegated to the People and Agencies Reliable for such responsibility.

— In Actuality - In order to ensure Domestic tranquility / Prosperity - Precepts Generated to be in reality not theory - are at the roots of our once Great Trees and home…Our world is dying — Mutating — Concepts to Consider - Being Related in mass as well as a nation — what is the Time frame before the effects of this disaster begin to affect the areas of the Regulators / Controllers in Government/Corporation who Disregard the loads to Life and cause - this Nation was formed by and for the People — Some who chose to enforce the will of the People became Politicians - who have developed for many instances a Questionable and Separate Life of their own…

The Continuation of this Nation Depends on it — Mistakes Have Been made in the Past — Decommissioning the Military Bases / Blockades / In this instance there is time to make a Response.