GRC = Global Rescue Coalition / Global Rescue Restoration Commission

Both Interchangable for GRC


AN/E = AntiNuke Environmental


OP's = Operating Parameters 


SRG=Scientific Research Group / LRA=Legal Research Association /

ARG=Alternate Research Group / ERG=Economic research Group /

MRG=Medical Research Group / RRG=Restoration/Development Group

PRG=Patent Research Group / BRG=Business Research Group


Decon. = Decontaminate

Decom = Decommission 

Both interchangable for Project Decom.


SRG(M) = Scientific Research Group - Meteorologic /

SRG(M)2 = Scientific Research Group - Medical


SIGMA = Spontaneous Interactive Global Modeling Application


Townes Group = Synonymous with the International Institute of Bengal and Himalayan Basins (IIBHB)


Cats / Cat's / Cat's. = Categories


TOG = "Trail of Genocide"


POG = Path of Genocide


TLT = Timeline TEPCO


P/D = Per Day    /    P/M = Per Month


OGR = Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


Tada List = To-do List


501(c)(3) = A Non-profit Organization / Tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) under Internal Revenue Code.


Linc = Every contributing Person / group / team / organization / network / resource assisting in the Reparative/Restorative goals of GRC.


JNBA = Mission Jalisco (Mexico) / North Beijing / Africa / Asia / America - Read Shelter/JNBA


JNBA-M = Modified Version of JNBA for influx of Refugees who have come to the United States - originally proposed to the State Dpt. and Others Regulating the Detention of these Refugee youth.


DSSO = Desparate Situations Solutions and Opportunities


ARHT = American Recovery Housing Tract


CCC = Cultural Convention Centers