Specialized Services/Client Services 

(First Mission) - A Compilation of Scholarships / Pells / Jobs / Stipend / Tutoring / Discount Service / Emergency / source services and more, collating and categorizing to be used by the Clients in Each Mission, E.G.: The Clients of Mission JNBA will need from counseling to funding for specialized education and training.

(2) - A Complete Collection of Discount Services / Transportation / Shared Housing / Food / Medical / Clothing / Etc.; Additionally Log into Database.

— Each will be made available secondly to participants / contributors in GRC.

— Referrals and References will be available / will be counted according to Effort and will be Generated listing the works / types of works / and accompanying network work with.

— In cases of Extra Credit - all projects must be approved by instructor and logged with Committee / Releases of Data or Info involving GRC will have to be cleared by Same.

— Referrals - will be according to Work Performed / Performance / by Field / will attempt to arrange the best helping circumstance and where possible make mention with those currently in the Field desired.

— The Rewards of course will far exceed References / Referrals and Discount.

In ending the world’s most lethal problems and assisting in the construction of Strong Regulatory Preventative and Enforcement Agencies facilitates investiture and proves the addage that I.g. “The World Belongs To Those Who Take Care Of It”.  


Assistive Staff is requested with the parameters:

A) Collect all available Job Possibilities / their prerequisites / Grant Availability / Alternate Funding / Any assistive agencies or service.

B) For participating Volunteers / any and all available Services / Discount / Transportation / Housing / Shared Cooperatives / Contact / Food / Grant or Alternate Funding Sources / programs that may assist in Career - Anything that will assist Students / Volunteers / People working towards a goal involved in GRC - like Free Phones / Instructionals on Med-Plans / Counseling Services / Auctions / including Discount on Cars / Including Insurance / General Safe parameters of Travel / Support Groups / Carpools / Outlines for Success / etc.  -  Create a database with access for GRC Client Service to Disseminate / 

Previous Client Services are to be used in Conjunction for Clients Falling under the parameters of Missions (Reference: Shelter/JNBA Section under Projects tab /


General Instructions for Actuating