Index on Programs, Proposals, Opportunities 

                                            - With an orchestrated collaborative global effort relieve the overwhelming and pending nuclear threats that face us / abate the problem and source / actively affect the decontamination / abate / remediation / repair / restoration and install preventatives and protectants for the future - Begin Here. 



                          - Use Organized Research methods to gather vital information / legal / medical / scientific / contaminant / event / R&D / to actually affect the present and Future in combined efforts to perform damage control and reform the systems of protection, process, enforcement globally / assist in developing Vitally necessary remediations - see the Results / alternate fuel / products / manufacturing / energy / ergonomic transportation / modify the World.



                                 —  (AKA TOWNES CONSULT) - Water touches everything it brings with it life - it is no mystery that it is disappearing off the face of the Earth.  The myriad aspects of restoration preservation give opportunities to make a vital and very real contribution to the survival of the Earth.



                                             — Being alerted to a drastic problem has led to generation of solutions far encompassing this complex problem but reaching into almost every aspect of life - it is sad to discover that a single situation ramifications reaching into so many phases of life and affecting integrally the fabric of existence.



                                             —   Encompassing efficient necessary solutions must affect on a wider scale.



                              — A short documentary in format of an interview that will clearly outline the process of events and solutions from one of the world’s most deadly problems - Turn Timeline Tepco and Path of Genocide into a Visual (Reference. AntiNuke/Environmentals Section).



                      — This part of GRC contains cooperating program / opportunities in Educations / Film / and Information Utility. 




                       —  Dumping for Dollars, someone in the Government is allowing contaminated cars, cookware and more to be shipped to You.  But we can stop it.



                         —  Deep and wide - if you’re interested in Legal, here’s a way to make drastic changes to the current situation in all Cat’s and watch it happen. 




                        -- Assist in the formation of an international Rescue / Restorative Coalition / make actual changes in all fields / any interest / covering all humanitarian / vital damage control methods / operate at various levels of Government - make a change not an opinion.



                           —  a Central for Resources for Clients / Perks for Participants.   





                         -- Intercept young girls heading for prostitution , give them life /  opportunity / purpose / assist in current reparation for domestic substance abused / displaced / incarcerated / crisis victims / programs to enact North - Central - South America / Asia encompassing / Africa encompassing / Europe encompassing / India and areas encompassing.




                       - Solutions for the thousands of Refugees from south america young teenagers in desperate migration to avoid disaster now trapped in the American detention system.



                       - Effective programs already receiving immense support from governments / UN to provide realistic opportunities for accelerated growth / and social justice by pushing solutions / raise the Standards of living.




                                         - All Slated to be lucrative in the distribution of existing products / techniques / inventions / under development - including alternate fuel / products / manufacturing / energy / ergonomic transportation / all actually beneficial to the Earth and Inhabitants - Get Rich and feel good about it.




                       - Restore america / put People back in their homes / jobs / reconstruct the foundation for Actual American Recovery at grass roots and beyond.  




                       - Enact programs to eradicate terrorism through understanding and exchange / previously approved by sources at upper levels - a realistic program to end acts of terrorism through friendship - perception.




                                           - Restoration through Amiable Political Action - Assist in realistic solutions to restore the JUST in JUSTICE / System of Checks and Balances / put the WE back in We the People / Expose corruption - restore the Constitution - Paper to Pavement rather than just theory.  




                                - To understand the scope of what you are getting involved in in GRC and how serious the accomplishments are please Read through the Website from beginning sections through end to get full understanding that each section works together integrally.



                              -  more in-depth information on all projects (hand written).




                       - A quick glossary of Terms Helpful in understanding information.