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Women's Garden Shelter 

Intro to Shelter


  In the aspect of the shelter many different wings exist – the Mission JNBA / JNBA-M / DSSO (Desperate Situations Solutions and Opportunities) /  the existing shelter in operation for over 40 years – other programs slated to fall under the 501(c)(3) / the first is a redesign of the shelter to include a Teen Run House / DTP (Drug Treatment Program) / Crisis House (Rape and Battery Recovery) / Domestic abuse house / educational opportunities / and other services.  The format for design is similar to JNBA / JNBA-M / DSSO and Others. 


  In the process of works we will be offering–A class in getting and obtaining your own 501(c)(3) – Set-up / Operation / Design / Maintenance / Maintenance of Mission Directives / Control / Funding / Efficiency / cost-effectiveness and getting your 

501(c)(3) in a few weeks / Please contact with your Name and Phone number in an email to or Call at 510-478-2109 for more information. 


  The Shelter is an effective means at Giving people a chance - by Statistics 1 woman dies of Domestic abuse in the US every minute - shot / stabbed / drowned / burned / suffocated / beaten / poisoned / thrown / hit by car and other means.

- It is not Pretty…most go back to Abusive situations due to lack of Available Place, Food and Money - Work with the Shelter provides Life - Victims to Professionals in short time - Substance abuse to Program AA / AA head - Mental Patients to Graphic Designers - People at the high end of the probable Stat. list to Friends… 

- The Addition of a Teen-run House - where in America 1 million children disappear every year - most Female / DTP giving people the tools to Prosper instead of fester - Crisis House where Victims pick their lives up and return to work - People formerly left to the curve and heap become a part of the Curative - a member of the Community / of other Missions like JNBA / JNBA-M / DSSO / and another Supporter of our team.  


Note: The Shelter Missions are broken into several distinct categories:  Shelter / Mission JNBA / JNBA-M / DSSO / Additionals so please Reference those under the Projects menu button or in the Index under Programs/Ops Index.



  When the dikes / damns / levies are breaking it is the nature of some people to attempt to think / design / procure equipment and material and follow a regimented plan - this also in some tradition that everything be regimented and regulated however the effects of the flood are always devastating and the true accomplishment - saving the day comes with the effort of as close to spontaneous reaction - thus it is in times of crisis that what is accomplished needs to be accomplished in the spirit of plugging the dikes / rebuilding the levies / showing the damns - by utilizing systematic methods keeping the directives - something necessary is accomplished - future modification - trailering is possible however in these cases expedience is necessary of data / project / results and attempts are useless / defunked / too late - a research project that takes two years and is detailed / exacting is useless when the need for the results are time sensitive and today  / Time Equals Lives - Information Equals Lives / Efficiency Equals Time Savings / Results Equal Life.

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JNBA  Section

Intro MissionJNBA

  Before this Occurred, governments of South america and the United Nations showed intense and desperate support for our mission to provide a safe haven for young girls slated to prostitution out of Desperation or to avoid Death - We Attempted and are attempting every effort to make the Programs Happen / After the mass exodus we now understand Why.  The Actuation of the Mission JNBA means that Girls who cannot survive in their environ. will come and be welcome to an environ. where they can develop and grow / the majority will be exposed to advanced education and then with the help of Saturation Studies take positions (productive) in everything from House-wife / Media / Electronics related / Law Enforcement / Aviation / Transportation / Teaching / Governmental / Encompassing.  The fact is assisting in this program means that a Teenage Girl will have the opportunity to Live and Work rather than either Prostitute and Die - This Program Is Slated For North/Central/South America, Asia Encompassing including Thailand / Africa / Europe / India and Surrounding Areas… 

  With this Program into the United Nations involving Four Continents, we were soon after invited to the United Nations World Conference on Indigenous People (Aug.2014) with the support of many South American countries as they were arranging to unite all Latin Countries in Global Thinking on a Village Level.
  Following are the Invitations and Email recieved.

  The problems in Africa are horrendous - it equals life undeserving to be lost at any level - support can be utilized - Reference TOWNES CONSULT - We have many plans for Africa / Asia / India / South America / Central America to actuate these programs - they include Sanitary / Potable Water / Education in Birth Control / Community Centers built on sustainable indigenous building methods.



Statement: “We are activating programs - 1) is to intercept young girls either by force or by choice elevating to prostitution / drug activity / or crime 


add note to shelter / dsso : in conjunction with all programs is software is to be used to track the activities / contributions / progress of all participants 


Note into Jnba: want the process of JNBA to be recorded and modeled from the start so clients can see the concept to construction of JNBA / DSSO / - Get UN forces to protect - 


Note: old trucks and cars wanted - we want them for the parts - we want a training film on indigenous services from junk - show power hammer / 

It’s A Sad Fact - Summary JNBA


  It’s a sad fact but a fact South America knows - from Chile, Bolivia, Peru, El Salvador, and Others - giving girls no way out - Put out or Leaving from where there is no Support / no future / they enter straight into Prostitution - from there they obtain their holy card - a pictoral of the Lady Guadalupe - in Skeletal form with a skull and full Dress - they Pray for a Good Death and that the end to their suffering comes soon - painlessly - and that addictions and sick addicted drugged offspring will die quickly, go to heaven, and will not be held against them … I got a call on a consult several years ago - 3 Children…ages 3, 8, and 10..girl/girl/boy…the boy was injured complexly and malnutritioned / the girl 8 was raped, beaten, brutalized and Left for Dead / the youngest girl injured, malnutritioned - all found from disseminated info they were victims of invading Soldiers in a Political tug of war in Africa — the children were lodged into a refugee camp in Cameroon, relatives wanted to bring them to the US but didn’t have the funding — my first contact was to Amnesty International — Calls - emails - came to the CEO - No Response ever - even follow up attempts just to find out why - now after 4 years - Sad fact but True.


  These occurrences happen every day - In Asia where 1 child is allotted per family / the code law men take care of their parents - as a cultural way of Retirement - Females take care of their husband's Parents - Every day millions of babies female are drowned / put on the curb - Garbage or Collected in trucks to be transported to Special sections of the dump - to die silently alone - amongst garbage  — The Standard You Expect here - is not there - JNBA / M / DSSO gives actual life to little People who face sure suffering beyond your Conceptions.  Cognizant of what’s going on around them - knowing Some how they were meant for something better - aware of every Painful agonizing Second of Death that is their life - We hold these Truths to be Self-evident and Guarantee of Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness - what You are doing with us - your time - knowledge - your Sweat, allows for pennies a day for the hope within children to find an alley way up.

JNBA-M  Section

Intro JNBA-M 

  In believing the false promises of Sanctuary (DACA) Tens of Thousands of Young Teenagers, mostly girls, packed a backpack, paper sack, took their family’s life savings and fled in the night thousands, in some cases, ten’s of thousands of miles across hostile territory without Food / Across Desserts, jumping on or atop Trains (many did not Survive) or finding alternate means to come from Central/South america to avoid becoming Prostitutes / Mules for the Cartels or Hacked Alive on the Spot for refusing to do either.  On arriving they were placed in Detention Camps where they sleep on Concrete/wood floors, receive minimal food / sanitary / and no hope but to remain - now with no place to return / Money or Way to Run if they could / those are the lucky ones, the other ones were turned away at the border or did not survive the Trip.  What has not been taken into account is the severe loss to Central/South America - the numbers currently housed approximately 63,000, will cause a deficit of over 5 million Good Citizens being born in their Regions / It means a disavowing of their home and the governments' admittance of capitulation to the overwhelming Crime.   


  The following was addressed to the US Dpt. of State / DHS / and Others Responsible for these Detained Refugees.

  One of the most efficient Tools is a Film we are assembling called A Day In The Life Of - A collection / Outline of their parameters / prerequisites / conditions and overall qualities of Every Job Imaginable to be assembled by Category / Made available to All Missions and Training Centers.  

REFUGEES Narrative 


  The situation concerning the South/Central American Refugees is Simple…10’s of Thousands of Innocent - well meaning Young Girls and some boys - detesting Crime / Prostitution / degradation - not wanting to die or live a short corrupt life, Ran to the Border and Beyond to America to be Free…

A Person in the position of President passed a Law “DACA” proclaiming Any Teenager in Danger/At Risk of Death or Torture in South/Central America could come here and Receive Sanctuary - Freedom / Care / Education / Citizenship - Job opportunities - a Life.

  How did they get here?  Didd Teenage Girls suddenly Pack their clothes / belongings, book a flight for US and Saunter in to the Hotel US?  Simply / their Families / working hard for Generations saved $ - it was to Live on when they got old - no retirement - their Survival and Lifetime Savings - Hearing about the Law many knew that Vamoosing to a Land where they had a chance to live was an option from a near Certain Death…jouncing - hurried Good-byes - Tears / Fears - many grabbed a backpack or bag - bringing with few belongings to travel - caught a bus / PT / walked / Ran - a midnight or morning Run Across Gang territory - Villages with Reputations of one way - in torture and Death and leaving into the Desert in bags of Body Parts - (Much like the College Protesters who were killed in Guerrero Recently) - through territories loaded with People - most women ready to offer a smile / meal - to - a beating and Chains - to - Prostitution where willing Patrons Paid little for a 13 year old Girl…Some to the Desperate rate - on top of that many of these refugees Snuck onto/in Back of or Under/On top of Trains - only to discover - Sun-Wind-Hunger-or Sleep which left them Broken undiscovered on a hill of Rocks/Cactus from a turn or unexpected Bump - others that hopping trains meant falling under them - their last sounds and sights large Oil  smelling / uncaring steel ripping through their Bodies.   As the Sound of Screams - the train and theirs Ripped through their Ears and Head - Visions of Warm Beds - Stages loaded with People Cheering as they are Heralded the New Thalia / Salena, Disappearing in an unbelievable end - 


  Others….find the train Conductors understanding and willing to make a trade or call at the next stop to People who could use their skills.  No one Knows How many little Girls and Boys - Did not make it - they ended their futures stabbed / shot / hacked up / Raped / burned / tossed / buried / or Chained up entertaining pigs in the farms of Men for $ to the Pockets of Menacing Strangers.  Those who did make it found Orders to turn them Back at the Border - or Welcomed into Detention Camps - To Live and Sleep on wooden and concrete floors - receive their Bottle of Water, an Orange and 2 pieces of Bread with a slice of Baloney - Warmed by an Aluminum Emergency Blanket. 


  Why do they Come here? - In their Regions the Cartels have gotten Monstrous - weed / speed / coke / chiva / Prostitution more… weed is Legal - As long as the world Market is there to accept their drugs, their Power/Influence Grows - their Attorneys - Guns - willing Participants - members everywhere … the $ to a local Government Buys Services for the People - Comfort for the Official - from there expectation of cooperation - Amnesty from Arrest - Slowly but surely it creeps in front of the Government to take the money - Look the other way - It’s a system of Reward and Punishment - the Police are offered to same terms - unspoken - proven - they’ll have a signature or their Brains on the Contract - Young Boys - milling around nothing to do hope one day to beat the system - to be successful - have Respect - they’re overpowered by the Bulls in nice Clothes / or Military (Para) ensemble … they offer $ - Purpose / a future - the Respect that comes from Fear - they bribe - bully the others around, picking weaker / desperate / more hopeless victims - they’re in the schools / bus stops / parks everywhere / during the commerce / the stores - People know the Cartels back them - the Police - an unholy Alliance - at the least - always looking the other way - the boys are fed carefully Coca-chiva - a little Tequila little by little they lose their Gip on Reality - What it was once to have Hope for a future - the Girls - now face them - Boys they went to school with at earlier ages…they Run their families - the Boys know theirs…Brave on the stupidity that only drugs or Brain damage can cause - they have no concepts of Consequences - Now tell the girls - that they will Prostitute for them - they feel the Respect that only a Sick Bull gets - they are isolated - doors Closed, nowhere to run - their families getting visited by these mindless killers…If they say Yes - they are Beaten Right where they are and in embarrasmental anger brutally raped and sodomized - while each take their turns - they are now their bitches and will do like a dog for what the gangs say - Go to a house of Prostitution / work the street - Go with the cartels or hang with the Gang / turn tricks / act like their Dog - sell drugs / participate with the same Routines and Others — Move Drugs — Pray to the Lady of Death for a good Death and wait for the Disease or addiction to take its toll - cutting themselves off from everything they care about - giving up their Futures / Dreams - but at least their families are Safe - If they say No - the girls hold their hair, the boy beats them / cuts their clothes off / Rapes them and Cuts them up savagely - as a Sign they cut their hair / hands and throat - a Warning to Others —They Know.


  So when Rescue comes in - Hope - Escape - Sanctuary and A Life where Dreams come true - they take the $ from their families - earned at an average of $0.10 a day - make their way to the Border - only to be turned back - Raped by guards at the Border - Now nowhere to turn — no $ to turn there - no options - Why - they are Baptized - grow - they Go to the Church on Sundays - sometimes Privately to Light Candles - they Believe they are Taught of the lady who appears to children, the Lady Guadalupe and they Believe - some day of having a La Casa Grande - or children - A husband who understands - maybe becoming an Artist - a singer / a nurse / a news person or Electronics specialist - a President or to just happy.   Their only Crime - being born a girl and in a South/Central American Country - they believed and did not want to be Prostitute / slaves - evil - the boys, not to be gang members - strung out - cutting People up - Spreading drugs - Corruption - evil.   Hearing - the “Give us Your tired - wretched - poor - Your huddled masses - Yearning to breathe free" - they take the chance (gamble) of their families life and Run - stories on couple Brother+Sister that Ran / walked / Got 10,000 miles before being Discovered in the Mid-west US.

— On the Cartel side an Administration head that Begins a Cleansing (mass deportations) of the US - on being Criticized - shutting down most of ICE - on being told a bad caretaker of the US - Restocking ICE and Committing 2 more mass Cleansings - On being Criticized as a Racist then he passed the DACA Sanctuary Law - One being Called on the Carpet by legislators for allocating another $4 billion to deport the Young Victims in waiting - back with no $ and no where to run, directly to the waiting Jaws of Death - who knew they Ran to escape them - 

— The war on drugs -over- Support to stop-end the cartels came - Politicians willing to accept drugs / $ / comfort / made an unholy Alliance - rather than be found hanging dead naked from an overpass. —

  Has Anyone totaled the # of Young lives not born in South/Central America now… At an Average - over the next 3 Generations over 5 million - Church going - better day hoping - Potentialed - well meaning Children will not be born in Central/South America - Who will take their Place - there’s always Children of Addiction / Prostitution / Cartels - More Boys to fall to fear - to move up - unwanted - Damaged Children —  CHINA - where a girl’s life is less than a penny - culture says she has to support the husband’s family (Parents) in their old age — AFRICA - where some vital resources are remote and people attempt to hang on to existing Land and ways - turns into a target for Waring tribes / militaries split over the British presence or Muslim Still take more Slaves everyday than in the entire history of the US - leaving Young - precious victims brutalized and left for Dead - these are everyday occurrences —  Here in the US where a man from India bought and ran scores of hotels / sewing shops / prostitution houses - all with Slaves he took from India - Young Girls brutalized - forced to work in Sweat-shops - Prostitute - tortured, beaten, carved up - some missing and unaccounted for - unable to Run - in a foreign land with no knowledge of the language or Contact - The man was arrested and tried - a Son and Lawyer showed up in Court - found innocent - Claiming he spoke no English and in his country every practice was legal and allowed.. here in the US where no-one would think could be near as bad as Mexico / South/Central America…


  Our Solutions - A set of training Programs to take people in at All ages - all circumstances / supported and funded by all Gov’ts Collectively / UN / Protected - To train OJT (on job training) while working and Earning $ - Standard Education - Internships and Raising of Job level - Social expectation / Manufacture and Business levels  / income - Circulatory - Spending Taught and Practiced — within a few Gen’s — the Cartels will be starved for clients and new members - the economy Raised - the level of life improved - repaired - in conjunction with a Global war on drugs the cartels will eventually - rapidly wither.  One of these Programs - JNBA - For the refugees - Simple - a Screening Process - those unable will be Patriated through existing 501(c)(3)’s / those able will receive accelerated courses GED - requisite / prerequisite studies / available courses in all fields / Medical / Business / Law / Enforcement / Electrical / Media / Transportation / Homemakers / Food / Recycle / Musical Instruments / Politics / Trades / etc. — after Saturation studies those will be returned to jobs - away from Gang/Cartels - monitoring and backup systems put in place with relocation and buyout scenarios -worked out- Relocate to and from Canada / America / S. America / Europe or Participate in the Programs.


  The Mission is spelled out in JNBA-M — these programs are with the State Department - ICE / FEMA / Dpt. of Homeland Security / and Others 

— Mission JNBA with the UN President of Assembly and S. American Gov’t - needing to be actuated - 

— For Poorest Regions combination plans are in works with the Town’s Group - ARG and Others…


  To actuate these means the Answer to People all ages waiting at a bus stop in a bad neighborhood - in the rain and Cold - desperate, counting the Seconds.  

Summary JNBA-M  Section

  Constantly Governments / Politicals make decisions for reasons of appearance or another agenda other than genuinely being a solution for the issue it propones to address.  For the sake of appearance and appeasement, someone in a position passed legislation that lured trusting, good and desperate Teenagers, whom are now huddled, defenseless, in detention facilities with no control over their destiny awaiting to find if they are aloud to remain locked-up with little hope except to be someday released institutionalized and lacking in education / training / or opportunity / are now resources depleted / Returned to the fire fueling the frying pan they ran from.  


  Your Efforts / Support may give Opportunity and Life to these well-meaning people, undeserving to be Victims

DSSO Section

(Desperate Situations Solutions and Opportunity)

DSSO Intro


  In so many different regions the qualities which you expect - the standards - do not exist - Resulting in enormous amounts of potential People not finding outlet for their natural instinct towards elevation and progress - DSSO provides the Opportunities everyone - Orphanages / Med Centers / Anyone who wishes to learn / earn / Progress by allowing education with viable income at the same Centers / Certification / hands on experience / and education in Social Responsibility / so many things are accomplished simultaneously / Social Reform / Elevated Standard / Education and Techniques that Integrate themselves taking Culture into account Instead of Discarding It / Improvement begins to weave itself into the Culture like that particular regions’ Colors into the fabric of the regional wear.  This Mission is Slated for Four Continents: Africa / Asia / India / Europe / and All Parts of America… The Motto: Walk away from the Cartels.  

Summary DSSO
  Countries are notated as Third-World denoting the standards and opportunities not developed to a level that are conducive to a quality of life or in some case “even living”.  To no fault of their own, many people are born into these conditions however it does not denote a lack of caring / intelligence / or potential. 

Summary for Shelter


  Shelter work is not simply a charitable act, it is a refusal to allow the standard of second class citizenship denigration along with slow-form of torture to be allowed in passive people because they feel an inalienable right to live and progress - sharing these rights allowing opportunities and setting the standard globally guarantees the same standard for yourself and everybody else - it erases the current acceptability of inhumane treatment, elitism, and a form of fascism… a perfect world is where children are not abused / women and children are not tortured in different methods or allowed to be tortured / where women are not victimized because they are women and children are allowed the opportunity to be and do something other than victims…