Convergence from West Coast Rescue Coalition to Global Rescue Coalition 


   In the capacity Volunteers/Operatives in West Coast Rescue Alliance (Coalition) your work has become vital to the "bomb squad" - the teams attempting to un-light the fuse set to the Earth a while ago.  


   In an effort to increase network/resources/To expedite the Mission and “Beat the Dead-Line” - we are expanding our outreach to include international entities at a more encompassing level.  The result addition to research/legal/medical/ development/info and other teams/this does not alter the format or vital work you are doing / that results in additional support and info to your projects/ as you were primary in your field– We are asking that you remain primary / receiving info logging events / integrating info into current process and disseminating to agree upon related - teams and headed a committee (set data bases).  It means the expeditious completion of our mission directives.


  Mission Directives:

    1) to Isolate/Prove the causation of nuclear danger to all modules of our home (the earth) – Eradicate them. b) force them to cease / abate / remediate / remunerate / c) stop other entities from following in their path / d) prove negligence and hold accountable all those who are obliged to prevent such atrocities and did not / e) to hold to Tribunal all those who proliferated and expedited both the efforts.


    2) to duplicate the process for pollutants / toxins and deadly contaminations to our environment in all cases.

  b) to do so expeditiously with understanding of current point of no return for Earth.

    3) to network the world of Caretakers in Law /  academics / research and development/ philanthropic/Governmental/Citizen/Volunteer to abate / Cessate / / Remediate / Remunerate / maintain and improve the serious issues (that are affecting indigenous growth/ people / elements and other life on the planet) and current affectations upon us - b) to set up system to disallow the repeat or attempts in similar or new methods upon us / our home and elements / and to ensure the safety, propriety and create as much as possible in the conducive atmosphere for personal / resourceful / productive growth and advancements of All.


    4) to eliminate the needless suffering of people in any situation possible /  Amend or eliminate the Causes of such situations / Provide whatever opportunities Possible and Setup Reliable systems for the Guarantee of Continued Safety Programs, which are outlined in DSSO section.  


    5) To adamantly methodically and intelligently force the Condemnation / Elimination of Agencies who show a propriety for inflicting suffering / genocide / injustice / slavery and and their destructive mode of thinking upon helpless/Undeserving/productive people.

     b) set up system to Ensure Crimination and the Guarantee of Human Opportunity.   

    6) To Devise system of monitoring and ensure access to care-taking entities the elements targeted as to be protected and monitored. 


    7) to research and develop Cures / Remediation / alternate fuels– Energy– Methods in any field necessary to stop the genocide and instruction of the earth. And improvements to any and all modules/including preservation and creativity of inhabitants.

    8) to network/ compound with associated and non-associated fellow organizations and entities/ people in collaborative effort of the Same / to work in unison on a Global Level to Orchestrated plans to accomplish our mission.



- “apocalyptic conditions know no bounds”

- “politics is not a factor in these cases”

- destruction does not sleep or take time off

- if you think of the elements - Wind (air) / water / land (earth) and people / food / animal and agriculture don’t concern You - Try doing without them for a while

- what type of mentality would destroy the very boat they need to survive in the ocean

- networking available working people to combat the time bomb effect is necessary to gain victory– The ones lighting the fuse are networking globally–

- keeping the earth from distracting is no longer an elective


Volunteer/Client Services - a) Upon Compilation of Scholarships / Pell’s / Stipends / Internships / Tutoring / Discount Services / Transportation Access - Shared Opportunities / Volunteers (Contributions) will have access to the Data Base and use of that Info.  Reference Special/Client Services section above.

- References for Work Completed Will Be Drawn according to Efforts, Not Completion.  References Will be accompanied by fact sheet(s) on Designer and will contain contact info. 

In the cases of extra credit/all Assignments must be approved by instructor / committee is available for liaison / Info to expedite such projects.


  Referrals: referrals Will be as according to work performed/performance of Excel Will be noted and referrals to locations in special fields arranged / Where possible from entities already in those fields / With references accompanying.  


  As a note with the importance of what You are accomplishing — I Believe You Will Find Rewards Far beyond school Credit, References, Referrals.


  The process simple – Eradicate the World’s most Deadly / Time sensitive threats / Establish and maintain a strong regulatory/Enforcement viable network and ensure It’s maintenance and improvement.