To actuate the effective restoration of affected areas and ALL its inhabitants - effective research projects will have to be instigated for several purposes SRG - Scientific Research Group is to provide data for effective remediation for affected people / indisputable proof for shutdown of causation sources / legislation for further restriction of incidence / due cause for mass law-suits against offenders / forceation of responsibility to culpable entities - Network with Legal / Medical / Governmental / Anti-nuke-Environmental - support / volunteer / and other groups - Other studies are for the same including restoration / repair / and resumption of a safe life globally to all living modules.  


  Through Research will be made different tools, I.E. Water decontaminants / constant sentry decontamination / ozone / and oxygen makers / Decontaminant Sentries to be included with Breakdown Technology


(SRG) Research Outline for Global Decontamination


  1) Locate / verify / document the existing masses (piles) of nuclear radiation in all corners of the globe (using existing research).

      b) compute the average volume/load/Range/ rads (level) / cause

      c) compute the progressive power levels by above formulas.

        Pictures to masses/Collated sources

Note: can use existing models (virtual) of the Globe / existing websites supplying info all types and have instant update with record and print out available.

  2) by existing records show the wind/air currents/tides/currents crosscurrents etc. To show delivery at regular intervals– Including – 67,000 tons and all at initial impact.

      b) show locate/ document /file source /on Possible mutations of each Pile/results by research (existing) Data/ and effects predicted by current and projected for future.

      c) show crosscurrent/evaporation rate/moisture humidity and by formula– the average rate of contamination delivered– to what area / when.  

      d) With available info– show the average effects to humans/animals/Ocean/environment/etc. from those levels and types.  Note: create flowchart of all factors to show correlation.

      e) show average incubation time for effects.

      f) show actual statistics in those areas / of those areas– show possible delivery system.

  3) show all weather/Geological etc. – meteorological/Factor effects from variables– i.e. E.g. - El Niño / the standard 1 - 150 year flood pattern of the Mississippi river/

      b) Create Scenarios of mixture / Possible Fuel / Change / Event / I.E. Elec.Mag. Storm / Mineral or Elemental Affectation (increase Pile) or morph to bomb.

       c) Provide actual Probable Possible Events - by amount and mass a nuclear event to the Western Hemisphere.

    4) The Point of Probable Global Environmental Condition by Report Release - Human / Animal / H2O / Atmosphere Toxicity Level.

    5) Show the Point of Irrevocable Damage and Date by Formula (National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency formula Progressed by mass (feed) morph and Algorithmic Progression.

    6) Possible Generational Effect by Statistics and Numbers with Average Pre 3/11/11 Date Stats. Show what type and Stats of Diseases.

    7) Research Doc Most Efficient means of Decontamination with Alt Plans for Variable - # of type - Best DCom and Disposal methods..Verifying and Prohibiting from Recurrence.  

         b) Probable Times of Recovery according to what Cleanup Date.

    8) Start (Supervise) Secondary Research Group for Best methods / Org and Agencies Participating (what entities) what Procedures (flowchart hierarchy) for Global Recovery.

Note: We are Assembling Volunteers to Assist in this Project from UC Berkeley / and Possible Physicists.

Note2: All Data is available (Source Sites - Some - Int. Journal of Health - Centers for Disease Control Prevention, etc.)

This Project requires little for research - No off site work. Assessing / Collating / Cataloging / Formulating.


  This Project will be used to Force Legal Injunction of TEPCO and Others / It will be used to Prove Contamination coming from TEPCO to Cali / Mex / Canada / Force Remuneration / Remediation for all Costs / Force the Shutdown and No Reopen of their Reactors / Assist in Tougher Penalties Against Nuclear Energy Co’s and Others / Will be used in the Global Decontamination of Nuclear Toxins and Effects / Will be used to Prove and Convince Agencies / Gov’t to React to Nuclear Problems / Will be used to convict TEPCO in Int. Criminal Court for Genocide / Will be used to Remediate the multi-millions of People affected by the Nuclear Contamination / Used as impetus to persuade / force Countries to use Alt. Forms of Energy.


  This is one of the most important Projects of our times - the Millennium.  The Results will affect the Survival and Future of the Planet.  



  Note:The different research Groups are broken into Separate categories as defined in GRC Section: 

- LRA - Legal Research Association - Integral in supplying Legal research for the injunctions / new legislation / enforcements / etc. 

- SRG - Scientific Research Group - Providing Information for Thorough Decontamination / Assistance in Legal Effort / Improvements to Medical Remediation.

- ARG - Alternate Research Group - Developing Methods / Modules for actual environmentally safe Manufacturing and Use / Alternate Energy / Materials / Transportation / Information and Data Integrally effective in all efforts. 

- BRG - Business Research Group - In Effects of Utilizing the developed products / methods / remediation / etc. for Right to Sales / Production in conjunction providing funding for other missions.  

- MRG - Medical Research Group 

- PRG - Patent Research Group

- ERG - Economic Research Group /

       etc. Reference GRC Page under Projects



  In Addition a more detailed study as to the Effects as documented by Statistics according to the Demi’s Classifications Male-Female, Pregnant, Infermed, by Location and in Correlation with Delivery Methods / and Future Predictions similarly using existing data / meteorology charts.  The assigning and supervising of secondary research groups to provide - A Thorough Scope of Mutation - Total Existent and Effects of Existing R. Con. in combination with Elements and Modules / Their Mutated States, Levels, and Contributions to Environmental / Human Exposure.  

  Third Study Actual locations / levels / types of stereo radiations in regard to Previous Current and Renewable Fuel Source and with Affectation to Mutative Contributions.

Secondary Research SRG(M)

  Predictable delivery to prepare and protect Victims - Using future meteorological info, outline the Areas of delivery and extent.  


  With full physiological function study in correlation with affectation of nuclear radiation, develop / improve preventatives, curatives, counter-acting remediation and methods.  A complete study of the Volumes / levels / and Contributory of "flushing", I.e. the practice of intaking and exiting Sea and other water to be utilized in reactors and their effect on Biosphere, Humans and Genetic code / Scope of Mutation / Current level of piles.  Network Closely with SIGMA Development (Ref. SIGMA below).


  Following the American campaign - the nuclear situation / particularly Fukushima, all nuclear damaging facilities should be likewise subject to similar research studies / remediation and legal action / following that should Britain and other countries then be held to the same scrutiny (reference the item in TLT - Statistics on Britain’s Nuclear Dumping in India).


Sterile Ducks

This is a project proposed to develop a protectant against Nuclear strikes or events.

Additional Research

  It has long been my contention that the proper Ionization would prove to be completely adverse to radioactive process - it’s a matter of record the failure of the nuclear facilities to start over a period of years, I believe as a result of improper ionization environ. - I.E. The exposure of radioactivity is also called “Bombardment of Ionization” - As we now know that the standard nuclear process which is killing the Western regions, Thrives on Seawater - because of the almost unlimited supply of fuel for the current radioactivity in conjunction with the fact that TEPCO has been pumping live radioactive fuel and parts of the core into our water-ways, those facts are inhibiting any interference with the nuclear process - A comprehensive study the exact atomic and ionic process to cancel the activity - as in the exact activity of radioactivity in aqueous solutions - Ion Guns are regularly available / easily manufacturable/fabricated - the proper ion guns would be capable of stopping and preventing the nuclear process quietly and safely - the Project is to develop such a device on large scale that could be retrofit to fishing boats / vehicles / coastal areas. 



Psychological Analysis of People Working

with Nuclear Energy

-- By ALL Evidence / All record / all history / all statistics / all research data / all common sense / all news / experts and victims say will state categorically: Nuclear Radiation is damaging / deadly - “It may be silent / deadly and always causes cancer” - If the Records / history / files / logs / and actions of those who participate in Nuclear capacities is taken into account the patterns /researched to show commonality in action / reaction / policies / performance - a common strand of insanity becomes self evident - a research study - mandatory in all associated with nuclear capabilities - complete with electroencephalographs / psychiatric and psychologic testing / IQ tests / function tests / will probably show a marked proclivity of progression of malfunction of normal survival intelligent thinking processes - researchers are needed to instigate / generate / and form comprehensive studies - working with legal / professional medical  research personnel - in cooperation with support of all supportive entities to legislate mandatory testing of all entities involved with the nuclear process from Mining / Refining / Transport / Storage / housing / delivery / use / activation / design / running maintenance / disposal / Transportation / warehousing of Haz. waste - a simple review of the actions of Tokyo Electric Power Co. should prove the point - take the insanity out of the hands of those who use and abuse it - everyone is a citizen of the world and has a right not to be genetically disposed of.



Concepts for Aquifer Protection / Monitoring / R.Decontamination

-- In the same concept that potassium is actually sprayed on nuclear test sites (military), dual wall self-feeding passive delivery system pipes (lateral) should be installed with monitors in aquifers at all levels encompassing the West Coast - with the use of Timed / Time-clocks / the designed measured delivery systems powered by solar or wind pumping decontaminants to dual-wall delivery laterals installed in the Aquifers would intern decontaminate all they touch - Land / Other Waters / Wells / People / Agriculture / Wildlife / Foliage / Air / Ocean - Teams are needed to Design these devices - Utilize existing Anti-nuke/ Environmental groups to install / monitor / maintain / record / log / and publish results.




--  The Rods that are used to create nuclear energy - being stored all together in spent form - are they creating their own Nuclear mass?  -  A Research study needs to be instigated  to determine the results - the effects on the environment / people / and the Genetic code.





  When the dikes / damns / levies are breaking it is the nature of some people to attempt to think / design / procure equipment and material and follow a regimented plan - this also in some tradition that everything be regimented and regulated however the effects of the flood are always devastating and the true accomplishment - saving the day comes with the effort of as close to spontaneous reaction - thus it is in times of crisis that what is accomplished needs to be accomplished in the spirit of plugging the dikes / rebuilding the levies / showing the damns - by utilizing systematic methods keeping the directives - something necessary is accomplished - future modification - trailering is possible however in these cases expedience is necessary of data / project / results and attempts are useless / defunked / too late - a research project that takes two years and is detailed / exacting is useless when the need for the results are time sensitive and today  / Time Equals Lives - Information Equals Lives / Efficiency Equals Time Savings / Results Equal Life.




Scope of Mutation


  In respect and one very important Variable that i do not believe has been taken into account is the True Scope Of Mutation - as per record, Sponges two blocks long Oakland Bay Area study - 70’s (causation: Leaky Drums from LRL - Lawrence Livermore Lab - Remnants of Nuclear Experimentation) / Frogs by the hundred multiple eyes, heads, legs, siamese, bi- and tripods - Northern California, Result of Leaky Nuclear Facility - Two headed, eight legged siamese mutated monstrous Goats, Sheep, Cows, Lizards, Fish - Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl - All Affected Areas - Two Headed Whale Baja California 2015 - It is an accepted fact that Radioactivity causes mutation / with the presence of radioactivity in the form of molten-fuel delivered at 800 Tons a day (formerly 400 Tons a day) with contributions from flushing, constant Inlet to active Reactors, exit to offshore locations / leaky Uranium facilities / existing nuclear and other Hazmat - taking into account the growth level of Designer radioactive fuel - there is no true research documented levels of radioactivity - or as the presence to current has been here for four years allowed to activate stereo contamination - wind / water / land / underground streams / sewer / wildlife / shipping / food delivery / dairy dispersant / fish and seaweed products / rain / humidity / evaporation / precipitation / absorption creeping and direct contact.  There’s additionally no research data on the total depth of mutation existing in the exposure Areas - because the presence has been allowed to become so acclimative and radioactivity so devastating from whatever plankton has survived, amebic, anemone, ocean, spore / fungus / mold / vegetation / agriculture / metal fabricated modules / humans / sewage / sub-earth growth / underground aqueous life / fowl and aerobic life including but not limited to Birds of all categories - it is safe to say that the extent of exposure will correlate with the extent of mutation - to date there is no counting for the reaction of this deadly exposure in regards to any modules / substances / elements / liquid / solid / gaseous / vaporous / gel / emulsion / composite / etc. - because of the nature of radioactivity a full Scope of Mutation will be near impossible in conjunction with the decontamination / reversal of effects and Restoration of every single Cell before the Exposure - 


   However, in order to truly decontaminate all of these and the simple concept of One Bad Apple - as is now record, as all of the Salmon species of the Earth is currently tainted by the introduction of genetically altered units, thus even with the destruction of all species rapid breeding methods employed and every module replaced, the introduction of any contamination currently existing will reinfect the entire Region using the simple process of the food chain and the Rapid acceleration rate of Nuclear Radioactivity - through no fault of our own we have been forced to Live in an extremely tainted environment where exposure is not only available but present in every square inch of existing modules, delivering and devastating without choice.


   I would highly recommend utilization of every academic / research / scientific / experimental entity to generate a True Scope of Mutation and Proven Methods to Effectively Eliminate and then Restore - and current levels of exposure (accrued / forecasted // snowball effect.   If anyone was made to be cognizant and aware and could be questioned as to their “Take” on the Subject, I believe from the smallest Deer to the most eloquent Professor or State Regulator that somewhere within the statements would be the expression of We have a Right to Live / and I believe that beyond “All Possibility of subjectivity” the disproportionate service of Nuclear Produced Energy has proven itself far beyond the realm of too costly to afford - when the cost of the service demands the recipients’ lives / futures / future lines, i believe the disproportionality has clearly shown itself.


   In conjunction with these - of course - should be a projection on the lives / population loss, probabilities of permanent genetic damage - and with all available data, reverse the process / I believe that all the children unborn or dead shortly afterwards would have said if aware and able the same thing as each and every person who is currently alive had they been in that situation - “Don’t they Have a Right to Live To”?  


   The Recommended research and response is in actuality bare-minimum Remediation - as equivalency to acceptable levels of radiation were calc’d to levels where healthy adults could be able to recover from - whatever efforts are employed will similarly because of the overwhelming loads allow for minimal opportunity for recovery if any.   There is no asset that deserves to be valued over the population that has and will maintain / proliferate and Continue the USA.



Gunther Williams

Director, Sandstone Int. Consulting Co.

Phone: 510-478-2109


Project Model - Medical Research:


Reference Remediation Section - Consult E 


  In research is important for the development of canvassing good remediation - 

A) make canvas of human body - B) duplicate as many times as necessary - C) next step is to examine each of functions of human body: metabolism / immune system / expulsion of toxins / genetic response / interactive signal reaction / response action reaction / then specifically outlined the effects of nuclear radiation all types and specifically all types present / and taking into account other types that may manifest or produce from other method / simply how does exterior physical exposure all types / Combinations of nuclear radiation effect the body / ditto for mucous membranes - all apertures / in regards to metabolic / hormonal / Chemical (natural) / the interaction of bodily function and signal, E.G. The metabolic process of identifying directing breaking down absorption of food / generation new cells / direction of flow and return / reactions / Growth / etc. - the process of thyroid parathyroid / pituitary / the interruption of these process by nuclear contamination / the identification process of human body of substances E.G. Given fact many forms R.Con imitate nutrients thus mineral deficient people are prone to metabolizing R.Con as genuine nutrients  - the generation of new cells of deadly generation of nuclear chain reaction has been started - in the defense filling in the proper nutritional supplies heightening the identification capacities in the metabolic process and on a base level supplying a decontaminant without supplying composite issues - guarantee no occurrence adverse chain reactions as each function is analyzed at most prime level including genetic aspects and overall remediation taking into account osmosis / stereo contamination - all criteria and function are then modifying for each particular Demographic and accounting for modified reaction, I.E. PH / diet cycle / age / proclivity / disease / gestation / medications / and all contingencies. 


Note: Reference Consult Townes (Water Restoration) for additional vital projects.


  A recomendation is made for those interested in Medical-Humanitarian Careers to setup international Medical clinics including utilization of Monitoring agenices / and integral research team / a Secondary Medical Remediation / Analyzation team / Governmental / Academic and Humanitarian entity distribution systems and address the world's toxic situations in regards to events and conditions severely affecting the world's population.  




   Since the institution of Nuclear Energy there have been several given Facts: the Process has been modified / refined to allow for Max use and output / Because of these modifications the location for Nuclear facilities is and has been Designed in Proximity of water.


  In Modification the Standard Process no longer uses heavy water but utilizes Sea (Ocean) water - Because of the modification - the Facilities are Designed and Constructed near Ocean or inlet sites / - The Process - To understand usage the Process is much like of a Car Battery - In a Battery different types of metals are treated with an Acid / Corrosive (Hydro-chloric Acid) as the metals corrode they let off an electron - a charge - the Charge is cCollected and used - In Nuclear Process it is much the same but accelerated as it is at an atomic level - As Elements are accelerated - And Brought into Proximity - they Split the Atoms make-up elements - giving an Electron - Orphans are kicked out and as they seek another Atom to Join they damage it causing more electrons or orphans to be pushed out - thus a Hydrogen reaction causes so much damage - it is destroying All it encounters at atomic Speeds - The electrons are allowed to go to waste and in the Process Heat is Created - the heat is used to turn Water into Steam/ the Steam turns Turbines / the Turbines create Electricity — the electricity is used to Power Cities and Facilities - the water is also Claimed to cool the Pile / I believe that is erroneous - as the release of 800 Tons Per/Day being Pumped into a Practically limitless amount of water - the Ocean would cool the fuel; Instead it fuels the Pile - Ref. N.O.A.A. and 3 scientists from the GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences showed that radiation on the West Coast of North America could end up being 10 times higher than in Japan:

  • {After 10 years the concentrations become nearly homogeneous over the whole Pacific, with higher values in the east, extending along the North American coast with a maximum (~1 × 10−4) off Baja California.}



  In the Process Several things are accomplished - Deadly Steam is Created - Nuclear fuel and Contamination is also Created / Water is being Destroyed / The Steam Released to air / the Contamination as it is existence can/does pass through almost any surface or existence. - Additionally the water surviving is pumped in from Ocean Source and Flushed back out to the Ocean - Radiated / Toxic and Deadly - To make it clear - No one with a pinpoint of Sense - would drink / bath / prepare food or expose their loved ones  or practically anyone else to that water / No one would breath directly the air or likewise submit others to do so. Yet It is forced on People everyday - 24hours a day - Constantly.  - Thoughts come to mind - As Water and Air Contact everything - then thus Everything must be Affected by Nuclear Radiation. - Since the nature of Nuclear energy is Saturative / Penetrative / and Mutating it must be Leaving an effect - mutating everything from Water / nuclear energy / Air / it Knows No Boundaries - the Arguments that it is harmless - are easy to dispel - Anyone who Claims half-life / shelf-life or harmlessness should drink the water / breath the air / eat food affected by the R.Con / Stand in Rain Contacted by / eat food prepared by the same / bathe in it / constantly. - A Second thought the Process is senseless and Inefficient as it wastes electrons it is supposed to utilize as the Purpose of manufacture - 


  Another thought is if it is Destroying water and Water is in shortage the process is Globally Deadly taking into account the need for water and the integrally key role it plays in life. 


 The Flushing of Water through Reactors is Deadly / it sets a time limit for Life - it is Destroying the Genetic code - to show the Progression of Deterioration of the Fabric of life at its core and Basic Element a chart must be developed showing the Genetic Code of Models in Various Regions - from the Periods of 1950’s to Present by age and type Demi - (health / shape / region) by decade / Intense Research should be Performed to isolate the Cause of the Deterioration from Each Causation Isolate  Flushing and Use as Due Cause for a Lawsuit / Matchup to Genetic Code Chart.


Note:  With the nuclear process - the actual atoms to water are split as they are designed to do - they are no longer water - it is dead water - the water is destroyed.  The GPM of total flushing / the effect of piles of nuclear waste that cannot actually be determined because of so many secret testing areas, that in addition created dead water and an aqueous solution that is not water - an estimate amount of the Globe - the estimated amount of nuclear waste in all aqueous locations in conjunction with flushing - total flushing volumes will show not including military applications or mishaps or testing in the water which additionally kills water, How much water has actually been destroyed / the estimated aprox. number of gallons of dead water created by nuclear mishaps such as (non-military application) Chernobyl / Threemile Island / New Hampshire / Fukushima (with an accurate calculation of fuel tonnage / haz. waste tonnage / hydrogen event / plus the creation of dead water in moisture, humidity, rain, etc. and aerobic moisture from such events). In conjunction with the chain reaction effect that the destruction of the Water / Moisture atoms creates the existence of free radicals destroying other moisture / water atoms (the average amount calculated to chain reaction volumes per ratio to fuel) plus the meltdown effects of accelerated Core activity to account for additional dead-water creation of GPM Dead-water creation / Chain Reaction by ratio; to include storage of hazardous waste / dumping as in the Bay Area / Berkeley / (the existence of Radioactivity in any form - process / lives spent - on contact disturbs/destroys atoms and creates dead water).


The volumes of Water destroyed in ratio to the volumes previously existent to keeping in mind the accelerated flow rate due to polar ice-cap meltage and additional contact with dead-water factories / the average GPM with all criteria of Dead-water creation / with the average necessary GPM creation of Nuclear Reclamation (is the Dead-water Radioactive) - the creation of water to replace damaged source.



  The pile estimates of Dead-water creation from Radioactive plumage (standard release from all facilities / haz. waste / storage / mishaps (military and testing) and the dead-water effect to moisture in aerobic situation will give a slightly accurate account With the accrued Calculations - estimate from military and hazardous waste - over the next two decades, can then be correlated with the amounts of previous viable water volumes / in conjunction with the Calculations of hothouse effect, the dead water creation of the Fukushima and Other Mishaps. 


Similar research study should be performed for all life: Animal / Vegitable / Ocean / Etc.


  With our Genetic Code being Destroyed, People attempting to live means ending their family line - It is very probable that within a few generations even the memories will fade, and questions will stop. -  People won’t even remember who they were.


  However This Is Where We Can Still Do Something About It.


Formula for Outline Disproportionality

in Energy Production


1) The Disproportionality / Ellogic of Nuclear Fission in Regards to Electrical Generation - In the process the number of electrons created / causing Dead-water are completely wasted albeit in the process of creating heat to convert additional water to steam - all leaving a radioactive by-product - primarily no longer a potable / useful / or even Water-source - 


— 0.25  X  6.02x10^23  X  8 + number of Electrons per atom (per Element used in the Standard Nuclear Fission Process / by amount per second) - Uranium / Cesium-137/134 / Rad. Iodine / Plutonium / + 302 Remaining by Type / Number of Electrons per atom X number of Atoms per 0.25 cubic inch per element + addition of Electrons in miscellaneous material P/A (per atom) X Number of Atoms per 0.25 cubic inch - calculated at a rate of Per/second X 4 X cubic inches per gallons X number of gallons per second X 60 (for result P/M) - Qualified by corresponding rate of elemental and miscellaneous release of Electrons P/M + (note: average flow of GPM through Reactors according to Size / Quantity of Reactors (Intl.) / Amounts of Elements in Reactors in Each Site P/Y Operable V.s. The Number of Electrons Generated per Average Turbine according to capacities / size / model / record / number of turbines / active internationally to produce the result of number of Electrons wasted in producing the number of electrons used, in conjunction with producing Dead-water.


   The actual atoms to water are split as they are designed to do - they are no longer water - it is dead water - the water is destroyed.  The GPM of total flushing / the effect of piles of nuclear waste that cannot actually be determined because of so many secret testing areas, that in addition created dead water and an aqueous solution that is not water - an estimate amount of the Globe - the estimated amount of nuclear waste in all aqueous locations in conjunction with flushing - total flushing volumes will show not including military applications or mishaps or testing in the water which additionally kills water, How much water has actually been destroyed / the estimated aprox. number of gallons of dead water created by nuclear mishaps such as (non-military application) Chernobyl / Threemile Island / New Hampshire / Fukushima (with an accurate calculation of fuel tonnage / haz. waste tonnage / hydrogen event / plus the creation of dead water in moisture, humidity, rain, etc. and aerobic moisture from such events). In conjunction with the chain reaction effect that the destruction of the Water / Moisture atoms creates the existence of free radicals destroying other moisture / water atoms (the average amount calculated to chain reaction volumes per ratio to fuel) plus the meltdown effects of accelerated Core activity to account for additional dead-water creation of GPM Dead-water creation / Chain Reaction by ratio; to include storage of hazardous waste / dumping as in the Bay Area / Berkeley / (the existence of Radioactivity in any form - process / lives spent - on contact disturbes/destroys atoms and creates dead water).


   Individuals wanted to complete calculations by Formula / additional information / viability of Water Creation / to show positive over-due-cause to stop the nuclear flushing process before the element of water necessary to the sustenance of life no longer exists / as Additional Calculations with accelerants (with holes in the ozone / other damage to the protective layers of the Earth, is moisture escaping into space / Individuals additionally needed to study the contention that Fukushima has caused a Super-heating Front which is additionally causing a Drought and additional Dead-water factory / (Per Year / Per Hour Globally).


The volumes of Water destroyed in ratio to the volumes previously existent to keeping in mind the accelerated flow rate due to polar ice-cap meltage and additional contact with dead-water factories / the average GPM with all criteria of Dead-water creation / with the average necessary GPM creation of Nuclear Reclamation (is the Dead-water Radioactive) - the creation of water to replace damaged source.


Nuclear Process Explination

1) Water (H2O) intake boil theory - 

 Electrons Released - Electrons where? Wasted - Batter Metals corroded release - Electrons collected to positive electron

b) H2O to steam turns turbines - 

Salt water - where does the salt go - the pollution? the fish 

- Plankton/etc.?  Screened/Cleared? Filtered Released? - 

- Corrosion to Turbines?


2) Claim H2O Saltwater is flushed through system - back to Ocean / What is the Effect supposed to be?

- Nuclear Energy goes through / Penetrates almost everything - It is in the water - what is the Level of Contamination as it is Released -

- What is the total level of toxicity spilled into the Ocean Daily since inception of Nuclear Energy - 

- What is its Effects on the Biosphere - on the Food chain / on the Birth Rate - On the Genetic Chart / Areas of Delivery -

- Acclimation of Human and Biolife total accumulated effect - 

- Why Design was with Heavy Water? / then Redesigned to use Seawater.

- Total overall (scope) effects of Nuclear Cont. Haz-mat to all Life - 

- According to effects - Date of collapse of DNA/Bio-stability of humans / animals with stereo and accrued effects - 

- Is loss of Heat from Reactors, from Steam Process -

- When Does the Steam Go? - Become Reduced to Air / contact to Aqueous Solutions / Released to Ocean? - effects -

- Nuclear Power Ions etc. / Contact with Pipe Turbines - 

The Ability to Destroy Water?


A) the standard nuclear process which is utilized in Fukushima as well as the majority of facilities has been designed to utilize the salt water readily available and in process destroys the atomic structure of releasing electrons much as an electric battery, however instead of utilizing the electrons, its process utilizes the intense heat created simply to boil an additional water source.  The super heated water intern turns turbines, creating electricity - in the process it destroys the water. 


  As it is designed to work being in a practically endless supply, it is currently super-heating and destroying the water - the water source being utilized of course The Ocean / Ref. Ocean Raises An Unprecedented 6 Degrees.   As it is designed to function, I believe it is additionally causing as radiation radiates, an omni-directional Dead-water device - 


  Being unrestricted by any boundaries - cycling into itself and with the well documented TEPCO Fukushima not only pumping live fuel but meltdown reactor core daily at unbelievable rates directly to our shores / As the Existing Core not only has established its own existence and has No Control or Boundaries doing what it is designed to do, it is Killing Water in stereo exposure / Its Surroundings and life containing moisture / moisture existing in air / ground water (aquifers) / Reservoirs / etc. in return creating a Vicious Cycle resulting in a lack of usable water - creating Intense Heat - exacerbating the Hot-house Effect, leaving what potable water might have been available Deadly to the User or On Contact and preventing the circulation and continuation of water and therefore Life.  / Reference: The Extinction of Life In The Ocean / To The Shores and Acclimating All That It Touches / Further Feeding Its Own By Extincting Life / the End of Existence.  

Genetic Chart Research Explination


  This is an Analyzation of the condition of Undamaged DNA - from periods before contact with Nuclear Pollution / Bombs and the current state of Generational Human DNA after exposure to Nuclear Pollution / Bombs / Reactors / Releases / Accidents / Meltdowns / Waste /etc.


  Individuals wanted to do utilize already existent research to show how the Genetic Strand is currently being effected in each of these aspects - Use it in conjunction with other information to gain support of Entities/Organizations and even Gov'ts in shutting down nuclear energy facilities that are contributing (all) -  Being able to show the correlation between bombardment of Ionizing Radiation from the 1940's (including any prior testing) to current.   The results will also aid in the Remediating of Generations of People as the Accumulative and Accrued effects will be researched / documented and Published to produce legislations to protect / to shutdown / abate nuclear contamination / efficiently and encompassingly remediate the massess of people in "hot" exposure populations.

Reference: Project Model for more on this encompassing Remediation above.


Guide to Genetic Chart

Grade - The level of unit in comparison with like units, I.E. Core Average / Excellent.


Quality - Level of existence in respect to characteristics.


Strand - Quality of connecting spiral module.


Fiber - The cellular fibrous formation bonding the strand containing the modules 


Strand Condition - The overall levels in regards to all modules making up the strands (binding the modules). 


Core Integrity - Interior level of quality of essential sections of strand and modules .


Interior Quality - The level of quality in regards to the complete core and adjoining connectors to the command modules.


Life Signal Quality - The speed and quality of advanced signal existence. 


Malleability - The ability of stretch / movement and return to original position.


Reception - The receptive abilities to signal response. 


Network Ability - The multi-directional function-ability of communication and message signals. 


Physiological Interaction - Quality of design / actions and reactions to the function. 


Signal Ability With other Controlling Modules - The level of function of timed or planned commands in development and other areas such as growth / puberty / hormone release and development / etc. 


Network Response - Complete response in conjunction with standard bodily functions.


Genetic Command Transfer - The quality of characteristic commands generationally passed down.


Signal Strength - The power level of command / communication / and other signals in response to all activity.


Signal Response - The quality of signal returned for command and communication signals received. 


Cell Count - The number of cells - using the accepted norm / per unit of modules and overall of the DNA strands.


Chromosome Count and Module - The number and quality in regards to the accepted norm of the chromosome modules of the strand.


Count Number - Number of strands - in comparison with the accepted norm per standard measure calibration.


Immunity - The ability to repel / insulate from / or repair from diseases / infections / and other damages. 


Reproductive Characteristics - The ability and function of reproduction of human life.


Exterior Coating - The conditional levels in regards to all criteria - an addition to thickness and health


Environment - The condition and quality of the surroundings.


Nutritional Response - The ability to absorb necessary “fuel” for the continuation of the DNA formations. 


Retention - The abilities to hold nutrients / signals / health / malleability / immunity / resistance and other criteria.


Formation - The ability for DNA strands to be produced.


Regeneration - The ability of the formations to repair and return to functionality.


Durability - The ability to withstand intrusions and ability to maintain structure through contact with various criteria.


Resilience - The level of ability to experience very intrusive criteria and resume normal activity.


Function-ability - The overall abilities of the modules to perform the duties designed for.


Reaction - The response of DNA to various stimuli and criteria.


Overall Status - The overall function-ability of each module and the level of efficiency to which all functions perform.



Corruption - The non-integral interruption of the standard qualities of the strand.


Interruption - The interruption of standard functions.


Deterioration - The breakdown or dissolution of the cells and other modules of the strand.


Mutation - The genetic malfunction of the various modules of the strands including the core / exterior coating.


Permeation - The intrusion on non-planned criteria penetrating the strands / connections to / and modules themselves.


Separation - The disconnection of command modules in sequence / series, causing a “mis-firing” / mis-communication or incompletion of DNA signals.


Breakdown - The actual dissolution of the Strands / Chromosomes / Cells and other Modules.

  With our Genetic Code being Destroyed, People attempting to live means ending their family line - It is very probable that within a few generations even the memories will fade, and questions will stop. -  People won’t even remember who they were.


  But this is Where We Stop That From Happening - and Assure the World that We Want to Live In.


  In the effectiveness of a True Decontamination Effort as stated earlier requires Global Collaborative orchestrated collected cooperative efforts.  The following is one concept - Flowchart and Explanation.  

Collaborative Mobilization 

Project Decon



1 — Assign 1 Agency as Central Command in conjunction with.

2 — Clearly map the theaters

   b) Target Areas with full Information: USG / Geiger / Tides / Wind / Scenarios Possible at Contamination Affect.

3 — Assign some Agencies in Information Capacity - Verify / Research Remediation and find all Particulars and Improvements.


4 — Plan of attack in all theaters for a Unified Comprehensive Attack planned according to each Situation

  b) Immediately commence force TEPCO into closure/injunction - shutting down and deleting the source of contamination.

  c) -DeCommission- Assure that the facility is closed.

5 — Syndicate a following of Information - the Remediation Disseminated with Informationals.


6 — Overall Attack Team capable of dependence, each by part Team Surveillance.



Measure to Ban Nuclear Energy

Network with Anti-Nuclear Groups - to collect support from all Environmental and Anti Nuclear - supports Gov’t action against - Lobbies as siting for safeguards for all People / Facilities.


7 — Transportation - maintain overall procedural activities - Regulating movement / Shipping and supplies / Controls the transports and modes of transportation. Plans with Head of Committee - Supply Decontamination materials and equipment - Personnel - undergoes Decontamination measure themselves for Personnel and Equipment - Oversees Direct Decontamination for all equipment and related - works with medical division.


8 — Coordinators work at all Departments to liaison to Head of Committee and other Departments, E.g, Medical to Distribute, Transport to Source - Think-tanks to Medical / Distribution and Decom - Reports - and transmits orders to all agencies and is controlled by Head Coordinator - Consultant - 


9 — Accounting does Voice Activated software to keep collated Reports of all expenditures / materials and Personnel hours, etc., Regulating Committees.


10 — Security confirms safeguard of all contact / information transmission / materials, equipment, money, performance, leaks, releases / Breeches / Conduct - loyalty / Probes by non-authorized Agencies / Money - Dissemination to Authorized and unauthorized information leaks.  Works with Head of Committee.


11 — PR works with Legal, Environmental, Anti-nuclear, and educated people on Info Cloud for Public Release - support - works with Security - Head Committee - 


  Medical Monitors All Personnel and clients’ health / oversees Decontamination of Personnel and Equipment with Physicists and Head of Committee’s overview and Reports all Activities / Results to cases Director / Coordinators from Each Dept. / Coordinating the Info - Moves / Changes / All Impacts of mission / Consultant is Head Coordinator - Security protects the entire mission from within and without and keeps Information continual / End Report and Summary from Head of Committee, Regulating Agency, Physicists and other Departments — /

The Sentry


   There is no One Tool / Device / Module that is not vital to our Survival - After reviewing checking documenting the Sad state or Condition it becomes obvious that immense effort must be exerted in order just to ensure our survival / Instead of Immense effort it is more efficient, effective and reasonable to utilize tools permanently positioned to accomplish this work - one of those is The Sentry - A Wind / Solar / Water Powered Device used for a myriad of functions:

 1) Positioned to permanently 24/7 Decontaminate Radioactivity from Coasts, Water, Land, Air, Nuclear Facilities, Hazmat Areas, Test Sites, Danger points.

  2) May also be used to Decontaminate all forms of Toxins / Pollution / Air / Water / Land / Chemicals / Composition combination threats.

  3) To operate machinery to assist in restoration such as Ozone Replenishers.

  4) Additionally, is slated to bring Services to back-woods regions Globally.


The Sentry (Coastal Model)
  The Sentry Planted On All Beaches / Estuaries / Nuclear Facilities / Hot-spots / Unsealed Toxic Locations / and Willing Areas Will Alleviate Contamination 24/7. 
Instructions Development of Sentry


   In the development of the Sentry in order that the unit be efficient in all of its functions:

a) The research calculation in size / composition / design of Collector in Generational Module for maximum output.

b) Specific component recommendations for optimum use. Composition Recommendation for all applications.

c) The same in regards to the “Motor” units Water / Air / Land and Other filtration components / or Output Machinery such as Power-station / Generation / Service center (Mill, Loom, Wood).

d) The Development of a Ratchet and/or Clutch System / Weight, Gearing system, Orbital, Cam or Mill Sections for maximum utilization.

f) Positive Mounting systems for Mobile / permanent / semi-permanent/aqueous affected / prone areas.

Note: Aside from the ability for these instruments to Safeguard us from Past/current/future threats, the ability to constantly remove contamination while you sleep - these units are planned to utilize the Wind/Water to bring Contemporary Services such as Water Sanitary / Agricultural / Fabric / Construction / Modernization to allow back-woods 3rd world labeled Districts to posses the same conveniences as the “Civilized” World.   This simple device can assist in eradication of Hazards threatening the Human Race / provide water services to Villages where young girls disappear every day in efforts to supply same. 


  The development of these different concepts needs to be accomplished myriad of reasons - Retrofit filtration devices (simple ) / handheld filters for outside use / for contaminated materials use  / the production of a decontaminating gum  / the exact engineering / design of indigenous building systems (for Filtration) / eradication of diseases to the Aquifers / Sentries focusing opposite ionization of rad. process permanently up and down the Coast.​ / etc. are all vital to the overall preventative and restoration efforts on the Globe - 




Use of the Sentry as a Generation/Multi-tool station


Apologies Quality to Expediance of Concept

  The Development of a 3-dimensional Instant Image Event Globe constantly connected to meteorology, water, info websites, and Pollution Is another project that can be intently significant (As Outlined in Consult Townes - See Water restoration section under Projects button).

Spontaneous Interactive Global Modeling Application (SIGMA)


  One of the factors to consider on the correction of these problems is that cessation and abatement of the causation limits (lessens) the amount of remediative effort in all situation.  The Concept of Hydrogramin is a manageable and sound concept /System.  Uniform operation of the system can be effective, however global control/treatment of the encompassing water system may present more beneficial Solutions, i.e. in a related concept:

   A)  A complete virtual model of water sources and movements– Formation, melt, and delivery of Snow Contribution in all sectors (its supplies, Its paths of delivery), tributaries, streams, underground channels, its mergings, distributions to agriculture and alternate uses, the evaporation rate, Paths flow / The Virtual Model should be in screen bass relief and 3-dimensional-laser projected form.

   B)  The rain contributions / Average rate of alternate precipitation / Travel by predictable wind current and other factors / affectations and similar paths of distribution / Flow / Merging / Tributaries / Streams / Rivers / Evaporation rates / Underground / Runoff.  The same is typical with Watershed Destinations, similar flow patterns / format / condensation / Its contribution and destinations in conjunction with flow patterns / Format / reclamation / Sources of human controlled aqueous contribution / Format of flow rates, Destination, Evaporation.  Treatment plants of all types / PUC’s / Human use / Destinations and their Exits / Directions of travel.  Estimated volume of stored water to include swimming pools, other facilities (may be inclusive through human controlled affected sources).  Holding bodies - Lakes, Reservoirs, Trombes, man-made facilities of.

Note: All sources should be qualified by volumes, evaporation rates, Ionization rates, pressure, miscellaneous, affectation such as Dams, Power plants and including Experimental / Average volumes / returns to the Sea / Virtual Model generated to show the cycle / the operation and function of the Cycle.  Concisely an accessible working model to instantly reference for overall formulation.

   C)  A similar virtual model should be generated with all Affectation, i.e. manufactured combinations of pollutants / toxins / contaminants / locations / average volumes / types / levels of contamination / meteorological / delivery factors (wind/water/all factors) by available charts / information / inclusive with Airports / Transportation / Train / Roadway / Average Pollutants from developed Areas / with scenarios to include possible affectation from mutations by contact.

Note:  Most of this information should be existent / available / and with assistance from volunteers / interns, collected, collated, and converted to a virtual model.

   D)  We are assembling a Research Team to accomplish precisely this concerning Radioactive Contamination (Rad.Contam.).  The results will of course be forwarded to you / your research teams.

   E)  The Model of Affectation to the Cycle of Water System should then be interfaced with the System of Affectation to it.


Note: Reference Consult Townes (Water Restoration) for additional vital projects.


  Research Teams Needed to perfect the breakdown methods of all existing hazardous Substances. Decontaminant Sentries to be included with Breakdown Technology.


  The aspects of breakdown technology have not been utilized to any degree equaling that of the development of Weapons / Toxins or Ways to Kill Man-kind.    


  Whatever substance material / composite / toxic compound exists - it obviously had to be designed and manufactured to become toxic - using Breakdown methods / if the substances were broken down and reverted to an inert/nontoxic form of original elements/compounds, that would relieve the world of most stored Toxins / Hazmats.


  Individuals wanted to utilize existing research to modify and develope breakdown methods to be utilized professionally / regulated and integrated into Environmental technology practices of entities / agencies / organizations / and projects of GRC including Project Decon. / Crop Dusting.



  Volunteer(s) is(are) needed to form a Monthly News Letter to inform the public, to keep Volunteers/Members/Others up to date on progress of GRC, to Highlight Person of the Month Contributors (to Accomplishments of GRC,etc.) and their Opinions.  



  Participant needed to Colalte / log / and arrange a report on the entire process GRC / West Coast Rescue Alliance - To be converted additionally to book form - titled “Ring of Fire” - 


Have aspirations of being an Author?  Here’s the book of the millennium. 

The Trail of Genocide


  We have one of the most serious situations and events that have ever faced the United States of America to this point. 


  This is a transitional time not just for the political outlook but for the existence of the precepts/beliefs… the survival of the American way of life, governing and politics– To be performed in actuality–not just stored in paper in a forgotten corner–under glass.


  In light of certain events–the allowance of deadly radiation/ in it's most dangerous form to flow here freely for approx. Four years to gather to a approx. 700,000 tons–perform genocide on some areas of the West Coast US/Canada/Mexico – to destroy food source/natural resources/Affect economy – endanger directly lives unchecked.  To threaten the future and the very existence of (or loss of) generations – for untold years.


  In many cases impetus would be a cause to the events / investigation for the correction of / in this case I believe it is self-evidently pertinent.


- View the events - 

A) A blown reactor at Fukushima Daiichi, Japan - (not the first) - causing a documented 4 Mass delivery – 1- 67,000 tons of radioactive nuclei / A hydrogen bomb / contaminated garbage / A mutant Mass affected by saltwater (polluted) and they're hazardous waste not disposed of – cause for alert.

 2) the continued flow at aprox. 400 tons P/D unchecked, Doc’d by Congressional Watch (and other Reliable Sources) b) the Mass Doc’d by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Agency to be more powerful than in the Reactors - (Designed to grow in Water).  c) The fact that the reactor has not been “fed” in 4 yrs and Continues to “Grow” / spew / endanger hapless People.

 3) The fact that TEPCO (Japan) has been Allowed to restart 2 more reactors causing an Increase to 800 Tons P/D to the West Coast USA — unteathered and with not the slightest Protest from International Nuclear Regulators or the US Government.  

 4) The Fully Disclosed Locales of the Bowls of Radiation Nuclei by US Gov’t Agencies and Other Sources with correlating Legislation to open 14 Desalination Plants in those General Locales and Feed it exposing inhabitants of the areas with Direct Lethal Radiation.  The Project Proposal - followed the Release of Info on Locations / Levels / Volumes.

   b) Instead of Attempts at Protection and Rescue of the Indigenous Peoples / Life in the Regions - supplies to Protect were ordered / stock-piled / not Distributed / the Acceptable Levels of Radiation were raised by the State Nuclear Regulatory Agency as ordered by the EPA.


 5) In conjunction with many of the States’ (Calif) Nuclear Facilities Being Designed on or near Faults - some of those correlating to a Shelve Dangerously Perched (causing an earthquake/slide threat) on unstable Footings as Documented by longstanding Reliable Sources.

   b) Coincidentally - Pumping of oil Began under the same unstable area in total contradiction of long standing knowledge.


—To any view there is a self evident trail of deceit/Manipulation/Design/Intent to which the end results are murder by manipulation. Did anyone die in consequence to these actions–these statistics and news accounts show that clearly–did the results fit the legal definition of Genocide (as defined by the United Nations) - almost perfectly.


6) During the Bush administration–the jobless and displaced rate was worst then in some Third World countries–the Birth Rate for Americans fell to 0%/ the banks practiced their Robber Barron tactics prosecuted/Convicted for/ recognized as dangerous to the economy–Bush purportedly admitted to continuing a program after his term had ended to euthanize undesirables, people who were Displaced, filling Shelters, and considered a Drain on Society  - The Laws for Displaced became targeting / harsh pushing them further into Destitution — Fed Funded FEMA-Displaced camps Installed where now the Destitute may obtain shelter / but no Freedom or Communication.  Giving amnesty to Illegal Peoples of one Class with obvious expectation of cheaper labor / Ready Consumable Market - Complete Amnesty in Immigration Law - Authorization of Driver’s License/Registry - Taking full willful Advantage and Defrauding the Social System - Tax Law and Even Criminal Law - Aside from the Complete Violation of Equal Protection and Practice Under the Prime and Integral Laws - the Demoralization to the Invested Peoples.  A Clear Message was Sent to the Peoples - the People who maintained establishments  / Maintained Loyalty and Invested themselves into America — A Clear Pattern of Genocide has been Acted on / Established / Blatantly carried out and Continued with the manipulation of Radioactivity from Japan —

—In Layman’s Terms — I’m Sure the Phrase Rang out “We don’t have to do anything - Just let the Radioactive Contamination do it’s Job” — With Establishment of the lowered Birth Rate / Elevated Infant Mortality Rate / Elder and Other Mortality / Cancer / Disease Rate - The Statement - Line of Logic is an exact Correlation (an exact match) 

The Result the Same - The Indigenous Peoples of these Regions Dying off - And many of the new Generations Note Being Born / Stillborns / SIDS - Dead or Genetically Damaged.  Who is going to Replace the missing Citizens?….


—The Self evident Process Now is predictable / Simple as history has shown -

1) The EPA must Claim their Communications Hub is damaged or malfunctioned - they have - 2’nd that their Back-up Systems have been and are being Cleansed as we Speak — 

—An In-depth Investigation of the Magnetic imprints into the Back-up Data system will show Clear and Present Knowledge of the effect’s of the Radiation Presence — It will also lead to a “Command Voice” that ordered the Shutdown of Services/Protective Actions on the part of the EPA / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention / Dpt. of Public Health / CUPA / Hazmat / Air Quality Control and Others —


—If They are allowed to accomplish these tasks in full - The Part of American Gov’t that is Sworn to Look out after the People Will End - Will Diminish - With Only Manipulation for Personal Interest Left… -The Will to Proliferate to Keep Alive the American Way of Life will with it.  









 If you're tired of seeing You and Americans being pushed around like Chess pieces / tired of having your lives GMO'd/ your futures GMO'd / Tired of forces destroying your home from back-room board rooms, then Search the Web, Research Politicians' Histories, Find someone who knows how to Take Care of their District and Truly Represents the American People.  Nominate, Spread the Word, Vote for Him For President. 



S. Gunther Williams

Sandstone Intl. Consulting Co.

Phone: 510-478-2109

  As you've seen in Timeline Tepco / Report - Information resulting in the Instigation of the EPA Investigation and Insuing Mobilization of the Cessation and Decontamination Efforts by the Federal Government.

  Note: During Informational Efforts over 4500 Entities were contacted to Alert / Inform / Elicit Assistance, of those: Sierra Club - After aprox. 1 year and a half / many of their Vacations we were finally allowed statement that they had not ever audited the Information on the Apocalypse to the US / Part of the World in Many Millennium - we were referred to the Anti-nuke Activist who did admit to auditing - Results to Date, None.  After Communiques, conversations - not even a Call back.  /  Of the Other Entities a prevailing attitude of - It’s Not Them, they may assist in Disasters But they Won’t In This One or They Just plain didn’t give a care.  

  A few of our Departmental Notifications as under Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations § 300.3 and the Nuclear Radiological Incident Annex (NRIA) - the Networking and Function of Federal / State / Local Agencies / Departments / Entities in the event of Nuclear incidents that clearly outline Some of the Situation and Requirements for a thorough remediation. 

  All in all approximately 30 emails were sent with this objective in mind. 

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.14.36.png
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.14.36.png

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Dpt. Notif Attorney General Holder

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.18.23.png

Dpt. Notif Attorney General Holder

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.28.53.png

Dpt. Notif to Department of Defense

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.28.53.png

Dpt. Notif to Department of Defense

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.33.19.png

Dpt. Notification to Department of Veteran's Affairs

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Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.33.19.png
Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.33.19.png

Dpt. Notification to Department of Veteran's Affairs

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“In Events and Priorities of your life - salvation of the population should be the prime directive - uncountable times people have looked back in hindsight and said they wish they would have… Now is the opportunity of eternity that you can still do something and say I did..”